What Is the Big Deal About Landmark Shingles?

What’s the big deal about Landmark shingles? Simply put, they are one of the best solutions for adding an architectural flourish to your roof that does not sacrifice maximum protection. Manufactured by CertainTeed, these shingles are specifically designed to imitate the appearance of cedar shake roofing. They come in a variety of colors including Burnt Sienna, Atlantic Blue, Cobblestone Grey, Birchwood, Charcoal Black, Cottage Red, and many more.

Landmark Shingles come in are classified into five varieties:

  • Landmark
  • Landmark Pro
  • Landmark Premium
  • Landmark TL
  • Landmark Solaris

Let’s look at some some details about the various types of Landmark shingles available and their roof installation features.


This is the initial shingle in the Landmark line, and it is very lightweight. The structure has a dual-layer glass laminated design and comes in a wide color selection, from bright Cottage Red to a somber Black. It weighs around 233-238 pounds and provides maximum durability.

Landmark Pro

This material has a standard color palette, and also comes with CertainTeed’s Max Def color options. These shingles display more bright and vivid colors. They have a dual-layer design and weigh around 120 lbs.

Landmark Premium

This shingle is designed to deliver even further durability. It also contains the various color options from Landmark Pro. It has a weight of 300 lbs.

Landmark TL

With a three-layer structure, this is one of the thickest and most solid asphalt shingles available, providing greater durability than traditional wood shakes. The Landmark TL also contains a Max Def color palette and weighs 305 lbs.

Landmark Solaris

This is a new addition to CertainTeed’s Landmark family. It is a solar reflective shingle and is available in three options referred to as Pro, Gold, and Platinum. These shingles reflect heat away, thus lowering a house’s temperature. This makes them particularly suitable for sunny locations. The average weight is 228 lbs.

Landmark IR

This is also a fresh piece from the Landmark collection and weighs 250 lbs. Its unique feature is resistance to severe weather conditions like hail. They are rated a class 4 and are created out of a modified asphalt mixture (also called rubberized asphalt).

Quality That Lasts

Landmark shingles are renowned for having no manufacturing defects. They come with a ten-year SureStart warranty, a ten-year streak fighting warranty guaranteeing that your roof will look continually fresh and clean, and a fifteen-year wind resistance warranty with available upgrades for locations with frequent high winds. They also have a limited return-exchange warranty because most customers never need one! The Landmark range is also known for having a Class A fire rating, which means they are resistant to flames and heat.

At DC Generals, we’re proud to provide CertainTeed’s Landmark shingles to our customers. Every homeowner desires the best, most refined materials quality for their home. Landmark shingles meet the top industry standards and are remarkably durable.

Coupled with our roofing expertise, Landmark shingles will transform your Frederick, MD roof in ways you never thought possible. Contact us today to learn more about our roofing services.

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