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Going solar has never been easier. You can save money by taking advantage of massive Federal and State tax incentives. DC Generals can help you go solar fast. See if you qualify by scheduling a free consultation.

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Why do you want to go Solar?

There are many factors that can make going solar an amazing investment for your home. Because of Federal and State Tax Incentives, you drastically reduce your electric bills at no cost to you. Solar will reduce your energy cost and save you money. 

  • Reduce your electric bill
  • Get a renewable energy source
  • Become energy independent
  • Improve your home value


With no upfront cost for many homeowners solar is more affordable than ever before. You no longer have to pay large amounts of money upfront for your solar panels or for installation.

Most solar clients experience savings beginning from the first day they start using their solar system. Instead of seeing rising energy bills, when you go solar your energy increases.

Go Solar in 4 Simple Steps

1. Get a free consulation

First, one of our Energy Consultants will set up a visit to your home. They will make sure they answer all your questions. It is their top priority to make your experience going solar smooth and positive!

2. Get a
Design Plan

You will receive a Final Design Plan, which will map out the specific details of your solar installation It will include all relevant specifications and we will offer finance options.

3. Solar

We partner with the best residential solar companies in the industry. Our installation process is fast and easy!

4. Start

Start saving from day one with solar! You'll enjoy peace of mind knowing your energy bill will never increase.

Benefits from Federal and State Tax Incentives

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to installing solar panels to power your home. Not only are you helping protect our environment by using clean energy, but you can also save some serious money compared to traditional fossil fuels. On a nationwide level, the solar investment tax credit (ITC) is slowly being phased out — homeowners can deduct 26% of their solar costs in 2021. 

However, even when the ITC expires for residential applications, it’s possible that you can still qualify for solar panel incentives from your state. Tax incentives for solar have proven to be effective, as installations of residential solar systems have increased dramatically over the years. To learn more about your state, schedule a free consultation.

Solar Tax Incentives
Roofing DC Generals

Are You ready to go Solar but your Roof isn’t? No problem!

Roof replacement for the purpose of installing solar panels may qualify for the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) which is 26% thru 2022. We can wrap your roof and solar panel system into the same loan for a low monthly payment and a big tax credit! We’ve been installing new roofs since 2009 and provide the highest quality roofing materials backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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