Top 10 Common Roof Problems

The roof is a house’s main component. It is the biggest, most visible part of the entire structure, at least from the outside. A roof should always be in good shape and roof problems aren’t anything to laugh about!

There are many contractors who offer roof inspection services. Whether you have to pay for such a session or not, an inspection is always worth it to help uncover any small issues before they turn into major disasters.

Here are the common roofing problems, which are easy to identify and quite common.

1. Climatic Changes and Roof Damage

Weather conditions may have quite an impact on the infrastructure of your roof. Excessive snowfall can result in extra build up and weight on the roof. It can also clog up the gutter and blocks the flow of water, leading to shingle decay. Shovel off all snow as soon as you get the chance!

2. Plant Growth on the Roof

No plant growth is a good thing. Lichen and moss aren’t that easy to identify and often appear as a change in shingle color – but they don’t stop there. Plant growth can cause roof damage and leaks. Call in the roofers to get rid of the green invaders.

3. Upgrade your Chimney

If you happen to have a chimney wider than 30 inches, debris from the chimney may end up on the roof. It could clog gutters, interrupting the flow of water. Additionally, the accumulating debris may produce excess moisture. The resulting dampness could cause rusted flashing. Consider installing a chimney cricket to transfer the water and debris around the chimney off the roof.

4. The Fragile Membrane Layer

This underlying layer of your roof can erode and develop blisters, cracks, and splits. Shingle and membrane layer cracking are two of the most common roof problems. If the shingles and membrane layer are broken, moisture can easily penetrate inside them and into your home. The moisture can create mold, rot the roofing material, and cause structural damage to the roof.

5. Maintenance Not Done Right

Proper maintenance is crucial to prolonging your roof’s life span. Inadequate maintenance can create common roof damage. Regular maintenance, routine inspections, and cleaning can prevent your roof from damage and save a ton of money.

6. Poor Installation

Don’t make a mistake and choose inexperienced or unreliable roofing companies. This can cost you more financial and structural wreckage in the future. Poorly installed roofs are the main reasons for long-term roof problems.

7. The Dilemma of Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are one of the most talked about roof problems. They are easily recognizable and may be caused by various factors. The improper storage of materials can cause moisture to penetrate within the roofing system. Under-application of adhesive can also lead to roof leaks. Regardless of its source, it is best to get a leak fixed as soon as possible.

8. Flashing

Flashing is what roofers use to seal the various areas of the roof where penetration can occur. When the flashing is inadequately attached, it can create open seams, laps, and might cause tile damage. Replace it immediately!

9. Shingle Reduction

Shingles are meant to absorb the UV radiation and preserve the roof from environmental factors. Standard asphalt shingles are made of small granules. If the shingles start to crumble, then the base of the roof is compromised, and the roof might collapse.

10. Small Animals on the Roof

Small animals such as squirrels, birds, mice, etc. often flock around the rooftop. Be sure to clear them from the rooftop area as they may create holes in your roof.

Roof problems are a tricky issue and you should leave it to the experts to take care of them. At DC Generals, our team has trained professionals who can repair your roof to your satisfaction. Get in touch with us to talk about our services and see what we can do for your Frederick, MD roof.

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