Deck Inspections

Have you ever had your older deck inspected?

Routine inspections and care not only help maintain structural integrity, but also extend the lifespan of your favorite outdoor space. That means more time for grilling and chilling, and also more money saved.

Don’t Run Your Deck Into the Ground

A lot of Frederick area homeowners use their deck until it falls apart, then pay big dollars to build a new one from scratch.

That’s a little like driving your car without an oil change, then just buying a new car when the engine seizes. Routine care is a much better way to go!

What’s Included in Your Deck Inspection?

The goal here is to ensure safety and code compliance. If there are any red flags, we’ll clearly share them and lay out your options.

  • Correct footers
  • Correct load bearing spans
  • Correct pier positioning and attachment
  • Correct ledger attachment
  • Correct fasteners, brackets and clips
  • Correct joist size and placement
  • Correct attachment of rail posts and railings
  • Correct installation of flashing
  • Condition of current materials
  • Correct construction of stairs/stringers, ledgers and bearing points

Porch Inspections? We Can Help with That Too

  • Correct frame structural construction
  • Correct piers/posts
  • Correct Rafters size and placement
  • Correct header size
  • Correct fasteners, clips and hangers
  • Correct ledger installation
  • Correct roofing materials

Deck Services in Frederick

Our team is here to help, offering comprehensive deck services, including deck inspection, repair, redecking, and construction. Be sure to contact us with any questions!

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