How to Prepare for Home Siding Replacement

Siding repairs and replacement are a key investment for your home. It’s a project that takes time and one in which your home will go through a number of changes. How should you prep your home for the process? At DC Generals, we have a few tried and true pieces of advice.

Know Your Requirements

The commonly used materials for siding are vinyl, fiber, cement, wood, and clapboard. Each material is different and requires a distinctive approach for preparation. For instance, vinyl siding is not as insulating as fiber cement. Thus, in this case, the insulation will be installed first. Then the siding process can begin.

You need to conduct your own research on this matter. Try to find out your preferred design, colors, and options for the new siding. By having a clear picture in mind, you can coordinate effectively with your contractor.

Home Preparation Before Construction

Home siding replacement installment isn’t a piece of cake. For a successful procedure, you need to go through certain measures. Here are a few steps to ensure a smooth home siding installation procedure:

  • Remove any potted plants, gardening equipment, patio furniture, and light fixtures away from the home’s exterior before the siding replacement begins.
  • The process of siding removal and installation can cause your interior walls to shake. Be sure to remove pictures, any valuables, and shelves as they might fall.
  • Remember to park your vehicles a bit further away from your house during construction to damage from any loose debris.
  • During the siding installment, keep all children and pets away from the workspace.
  • Make sure that the new siding goes on healthy, adequately prepared walls. Mold, uneven textures, and wood rot are not the appropriate surfaces for siding installation.

The Right Contractor

Choosing the right contractor will have a massive impact on your project. Your contractor should be experienced, have good customer reviews, and possess all the knowledge required for a successful project. A thorough understanding of the installation process is essential. Find yourself a reputable contractor and do your own homework on the installation. It will add more clarity to the procedure.

Prevention is Key for Siding

Though you can be extremely prepared for a siding installation projects, unexpected things go still go wrong due to weather events or other unforeseen conditions.

Some homeowners end up unexpectedly encountering asbestos and water damage. Asbestos is a toxic and heat resistant material that is difficult to find in siding and is often found when the existing siding is removed. If either asbestos or water damage is found underneath, this will need correcting before installation can begin. It’s also common to come across damaged sheathing during the installation. Though the sheathing is not that expensive, replacement will take additional time.

Unforeseen challenges can make homeowners anxious. For further understanding of siding repairs, you can ask your contractor to show you a damaged section and an adequate surface. By comparing the two sides, you will get a clear idea about the process.

Siding installation is a large project, but it will be an advantageous investment in the future. At DC Generals Roofing & Siding in Frederick, MD, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Contact us at (240) 629-8464 for further information.

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