Understanding Your Roof Warranty

Investing in roof replacement is a big and risky decision. Before installing your new roof, it’s essential to understand your warranty. How does it work, and how can you benefit from it?

A roof warranty is an agreement that provides a guarantee to protect your roof from certain kinds of damages. Some warranties offer roof replacement services in case the roof doesn’t function as well as it should.

Many people fail to differentiate between two different kinds of roof warranties. The first warranty is the materials warranty, which is related to the manufacturer. The second warranty is about installation, which is related to your roofing contractor or company.

If you combine these two warranties together in a single agreement, they will include all aspects, from the manufacturing of parts to installation and labor.

The Manufacturer’s Warranty

Usually focused on roofing materials, this warranty guarantees that your roof will be saved from certain defects. A manufacturer’s warranty can last for up to 20-50 years, depending on the material’s quality. The agreement is non-negotiable, so it is important that the homeowner and contractor go through the terms and conditions.

You should also observe if the product warranties only cover “manufacturer defects”. This means there will be no coverage for other things that could occur as the product ages. Search for warranties that also cover other components, such as cracking, fading, splitting, and granule loss.

You should pay attention to all these conditions, or you will pay to fix any defects. Remember that storm damage issues usually come under the manufacturer’s warranty.

The Contractor’s Warranty

This warranty is from the roofing contractor, and it ensures they will deliver suitable workmanship on placing the installation. This agreement lasts for 2-5 years. Roofing contractor warranties are negotiable, and they will make roof repairs more manageable for you.

Even if there are issues with the workmanship later on, the contractors usually provide support to their clients. However, if you bring another contractor to fix something on the roof after the original workforce, then you might void the contractor’s warranty.

Request a written warranty that covers many details, including specifying the length and terms of the agreement. The warranty should also mention the future owners of the home and their ownership. If you sell the house later, this could get you a higher price!

Terms and Conditions


Although the exact terms and conditions depend on your contractor and manufacturer, here are some standard terms that you may expect to see in the document:

  • Installation methods
  • Final roof appearance
  • Overall system performance
  • A section for warranty transferability

The Evaluation of a Roof Warranty

How can you figure out if a roofing warranty is right for you? The initial step is carefully reading the document. It’s detailed, and some consumers may find it confusing. For further understanding, we advise homeowners to discuss it with the roofing contractor.

The following questions need to be asked before you sign up for a roof warranty:

  • What will be the duration for the validity of the roof warranty? This often depends on the brands and contractors.
  • What are the aspects included in a roof warranty? Be careful to make sure all of the critical parts are included in the agreement. Preferably, the whole roof should have protection, but at least try to include the parts that are most prone to damage.
  • Does the warranty include labor? This comes under the manufacturer’s warranty. Unfortunately, your warranty may not cover the labor expenses of replacing a damaged product. If that’s the case, your contractor might ask for a separate labor fee.
  • Is the roof warranty a limited warranty or a lifetime warranty? If your answer is the latter, the manufacturers and contractors should replace the roof effectively and in a suitable amount of time. In a limited warranty, the options are, of course, limited, and may only cover particular components and defects.

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