Is My Roof's Storm Damage Covered by Insurance

If you want to know whether your roof’s damage is covered by insurance, the best way is to contact your insurance provider. However, some additional factors play a huge role in your roof’s insurance coverage. It’s a good idea to know about these factors rather than leaving everything to the insurance company.

Here are some of the crucial factors your roof insurance depends on:

Storm Roof Damage is Covered by Insurance, but…

Many Frederick, MD, homeowners insurance policies provide coverage for storm roof damage. However, that coverage mostly exists for destruction is caused by unavoidable events, such as fire, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Your home insurance may also provide coverage for wreckage due to rain, wind, and hail. However, you may have to pay a separate deductible for storm damage due to hail or wind.

Moreover, it isn’t sufficient to know that your policy has you covered. Finding out how much you will be compensated is equally imperative.

The Age of your Roof May Lower the Insurance Coverage

Some insurance policies consider the age of your roof at the time it is ruined. For instance, if your roof is under ten years old, you may be covered for the full cost of repairing it. Or, they may replace the damaged section of your roof at the time of the appeal.

For a roof that is older than ten years, you may only be compensated for the depreciated value of the damaged roof. The depreciated value takes the wearing and aging of your roof into consideration. That means its value has decreased prior to any damage happening.

Your Location Matters Too

Where you live may also matter in your roof’s coverage. Some policies will only provide roof damage coverage depending on the area your home is in. Therefore, find out what that means for you!

Poor Maintenance Will Not Be Overlooked

In most cases, your insurance company will send an inspector to your home. They will verify and investigate your claim. If the damage came from aging or poor condition of the roof, it would be considered to have occurred due to lack of regular maintenance. Therefore, it will not be covered under your insurance policy.

Leaks Are Your Responsibility

In some cases, water damage due to flooding may be covered under an additional policy. But the damage caused by constant leaking water will not be covered. Inspecting your property and preventing leaks are not the responsibilities of homeowners insurance companies. They are essentials for you as the homeowner to take care of. You must help if you want to avoid unnecessary damage to come to your property!

The Solution to a Stormy Problem

Changing your roof can be a costly and tiring process. Therefore, it is necessary to take certain steps to prevent damage from occurring.

Below are some of those steps you can take to prevent a major loss:

  • Get your roof examined by a qualified professional. They will detect areas that may need prompt repair.
  • Remove dead trees from around your property. They could possibly fall onto your home.
  • Change worn and cracked shingles. You can consider using impact-resistant shingles. They might be costly, but they are designed to resist hail damage, saving you money in the long run.
  • Take photos of your roof to corroborate the evidence of your claims process. That record will help you get a proper settlement. Update the photos whenever you have repairs and maintenance done.
  • Also, try to record the damage as well as any bills and invoices you receive. When you have this information on file, it will help ensure a smooth claims process.

Overall, it is significant to note that all insurance companies cover roof damage differently. Even the same company can change its coverage policies drastically depending on the state or the age of your roof. Insurance policies also vary in coverage limits and specific exclusions. Therefore, the only way to be certain of what your policy covers is to contact your insurance provider about the specifics. So, no taking it for granted that you have all the information regarding your coverages and policy.

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