PennTek Now Available from DC Generals: See Your Color and Finish Options

Many people associate concrete flooring with cold, industrial spaces. Some of us with more active imaginations will even envision creepy warehouse storage units with such floors.

PennTek’s collection of concrete flooring coatings could change this perception entirely. With just a touch of design flair – and our product – you can achieve a new look. The results will be homey, warm, and inviting.

Take a look at what our services can provide.

An Emphasis on Finishes

The Chip System

Built on unique technology, these 100% solids polyurea concrete coatings offer extreme adhesion, making your floors safer to walk on. Since it is rapid cure, you can cover your facility’s floors and quickly return to service. The chip system makes for less downtime for your customers and can be used for all kinds of floors with the same great results.

The Quartz System

The quartz system consists of quartz aggregate as part of its composition. Once applied, it hardens into a non-slip coat. Hospitals and other commercial flooring areas can consider this one for increased safety. Additionally, its high resistance to both abrasion and chemical damage mean that it will last for a long time.

Solid Color Epoxy System

For areas that see heavy foot traffic, nothing but the toughest applications floor coating systems will do. That’s where the solid color epoxy system comes in. It can withstand exposure to high impact environments with plenty of chemical and abrasion damage. You can also use it to cover small imperfections in business flooring. Every time you order this product, you only receive a consistent color match. PennTek ensures this with pre-tinted coats and custom color choices.

Metallic System

When you want the wow factor, we send in our dazzling metallic system coatings. Use it for results that would look perfect in a showroom or any other retail space. The strength of this product lies in creating a one-of-a-kind marbleized effect with minimal installation and down time.


Do you want a product that makes installation even easier and faster? Then this urethane-containing coating is the answer. Mix it and apply it on-site for seamless, enduring industrial flooring.

An Emphasis on Colors

Light up the Boring Browns

With PennTek’s product, you can turn boring concrete flooring into works of art. Brown tones may not look so pleasing to you initially, but when you use our coatings, you will be pleasantly surprised by the resulting warm look that resembles a wood floor. Consider these brown concrete floor projects for inspiration.

Break up Larger Areas

You can also use multiple colors side-by-side to break up larger areas. Or, use one of our chip system shades with an inset of beautifully colored chips. For bigger spaces, pairing color with other decorative techniques like stamping or sawcutting may also do the trick.

Add Sophisticated Accents

Look at this design offering from Studio DB. The designer has contrasted the metallic hardware and marble countertops with concrete flooring. The outcome is an environment that looks both chic and tasteful. We’d also encourage you to break the mold by pairing natural-colored concrete with gold metals and warmer tones.

Create Flow from the Inside out

Don’t just cover the indoor spaces with our coatings. Take it outside and apply it to any ground level surface that sees much traffic. To create a flow, continue with the same colored coating for the interior of your business.

Light up the Concrete

Concrete floor coats work particularly well in spaces that see plenty of natural light. You can turn a humid dark basement-like atmosphere into one that is light, open, and airy. Use our product to lighten the space in waiting areas and lounges in Frederick, MD.

At DC Generals, ensure that your floor captures attention. Our concrete floor coatings can be strikingly nuanced, combining modern design features with the classic strength of concrete by binding an attractive coating to it. For more information about this manageable and cost effective flooring solution, call us (240) 629-8464 or visit our website.

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