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Spotting the Warning Signs of Winter Roof Damage

Spotting a leak or a clogging during winter storm can save you hundreds in roof repair cost, before actual damage has incurred. With roofs, the best remedy is to spot these problems earliest when they are easiest to fix. Once the damage is done, not only is the cost to repair increased but that damage may become potentially hazardous by posing a chance of roof collapse.

Winter storm damage can have a negative impact on your property. These damages cannot be predicted, but can be spotted and repaired periodically. These damages should never be neglected and proper fixes must be applied. Most roof damages result in structural damage of the property.

Indoor Inspections

Indoor inspections are far easier than outdoor inspection. When inspecting your property, you should pay attention to any seepage or clogged gutter or ventilation system. Proper attic ventilation as per NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) standards must be applied to avoid heat and moisture build up.

Ventilation helps keep the heat and moisture under control and avoid any structural damage caused by it. This also increases the roofing material life and ultimately decreases your energy bill. Comfort level of the rooms under the attic will increase making them more desirable without any attic condensation.

Any damp marks are potentially the result of leaking. Leaks may also lead to peeling of the paint or bubbles showing up in the paint. Yellow or grey coloration or stains on the wall or roof represents leakage. Any slipped or misplaced tiles or even cracks might be caused by dampness and leakages.

Outdoor Inspections

Safety first! Never, under any circumstances, climb your roof alone. You must work in pairs in order to avoid any accidents. It is highly recommended to call in a professional for a bi-annual routine roof inspection. Routine inspections should also be performed during the peak season, which can be helpful in future.

When conducting outdoor inspections, all aspects of your roofing system as well as drainage systems should be thoroughly checked. If properly maintained and cleaned from time to time, they will ensure roof durability. When neglected, they are the primary cause of most issues related to roof damage.

Damaged Roof Flashings

The majority of leaks happen at the roof flashings. However, they are fairly easy to repair or replace if they are damaged. Water can enter the vicinity and damage walls or the roof through damaged flashings. During the inspections, they should be thoroughly checked to ensure there are no leaks.

Blocked Ventilations

To keep your roof system durable, you must keep your ventilations running, making sure they’re functional all the time. Ensure roof ventilation by never blocking louvers, ridge vents or soffit vents in the winter. Winter storms may amplify these blockages.

Gutters and Downspouts Maintenance

Maintaining gutters and downspouts plays an important role in enhancing your roofing system. Any debris in the system may lead to seepage and cause structural damage. Frozen snow at the roof’s overhang can result in building an ice dam. Keeping these systems clean will help your roof keep durable for many seasons to come.

Old Age

Any previously laid out roofing systems may lose their warranty over time. Facing harsh weather, weight from icing and other pressure, there comes time when roof systems wear out and must be replaced. A professional opinion from skilled laborers will help you in deciding what to do next. They will recommend you either to repair or replace the roofing system.

Promptly Replacing Missing or Torn Shingles

Any of the missing or torn shingles should be replaced promptly in order to avoid any water damage or seepage. Nearby shingles may also get blown away or get easily ripped. The best way is to replace and maintain them in order to protect your roofing system.

Leaves from nearby trees along with moisture can give rise to moss and algae within your roofing system. Also, trees and bushes block the drainage, which you must maintain. During the winter season, cleaning your drains is not an easy task and can cause a lot of trouble if neglected. You must trim bushes and trees away from your drainage or gutter to minimize blockages.

Under normal circumstances, you should schedule roof inspections by professionals bi-annually. Roofing systems protect you from harsh weather and require maintenance. If you suspect roofing problems or wish to schedule inspection, you can contact us to maintain or repair your roof before it is too late.

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