Choosing Concrete Coatings for Your Business: Formcove System

Reliable business owners understand the importance of a functional and secure environment. They consider it a priority to protect their customers and employees with durable concrete flooring. If you think that way too and want an ultimate solution with style, safety, and reliability, Penn Tek flooring systems are a great option. They are built to enhance both the feel and look of any size floors. These floor coating systems are ideal for a wide range of purposes.

But before we discuss another innovation in flooring, let us first consider….

Why Choose Concrete Coatings for Your Business?

It is imperative as a business owner that you choose an appropriate option. It should provide the perfect blend of function and form. However, concrete floors have a fixed lifespan. A good-quality coating can grant them additional sustainability and robustness. Our coatings produce a flawless and elegant appearance that adds to the visual appeal of your floors.

Why Choose DC Generals Concrete Coatings?

Let’s look at the key advantages of DC Generals and our industrial flooring systems:

Personalized Looks: Choose from quartz, metallic, chip and solid color systems. You can custom-design your business flooring areas to suit your individual style.

Increased Protection: With the use of the unique anti-skid surface and orange-peel textures, you and all your visitors will experience enhanced safety against falls and slips.

High Resilience: Our flooring systems are extremely resistant to abrasions, chemicals, and any other harsh agents.

Quick Installation: We acknowledge that your time is precious. So our professional installers can get your floor coating installation done in just a single day!

How Do Our Coatings Work?

We customize your concrete floor coating with unique textures and a variety of colors. The DC Generals experts strengthen it with numerous layers. Our concrete coatings system provides a non-slip choice for all residential, business, commercial and industrial settings. The flooring system is designed with 100% polyurea solids to empower it with stability. Moreover, its unique composition also provides resistance from abrasions, chemicals, and UV rays.

Below, we discuss another innovative product in our floor coating series, the Formcove system, in detail.

Formcove System

The areas between the wall and the floor are one of the most susceptible spaces in any room. They are quite vulnerable spots, especially in factories and workshops, that encounter harsh chemicals and massive pressure on a regular basis.

These spots also teem with bacteria. Moreover, water can accumulate in them. Thus, they are also prone to producing dangerous sludge. You must not let chemicals or any other liquids seep into your walls through such spots. It can threaten your floor’s structural integrity!

We introduce the technologically advanced Formcove floor coating systems to eliminate these hazardous risks. The Formcove system was created for lasting durability and quick installations. It produces a flawlessly tailored cove base and wall seams. Additionally, it protects your floors from potential harm while giving the room a gracefully finished look.

Made-to-Order Cove Bases

Usually, the quality of the cove base installation depends on pre-fabricated rubber pieces, vinyl or messy adhesives. Many customers find out first-hand that these sub-standard installations create problems. Therefore, we have scientifically manufactured our Formcove system to remove all of those issues.

Here are some of the peculiar characteristics of our Formcove base system:

Smooth, Strong Bonding

Formcove can be mixed on the floor. This commercial flooring spreads smoothly with a cove trowel, but we’d recommend to always enlist the help of certified technicians. Then you can expect your cove base to come together seamlessly and stay that way for much longer.


We have a wide range of options for industrial flooring finishes. Whether you choose the durability of polyurea or the high polish of a metallic finish, our Formcove system blends excellently with any of your floor coating systems. It allows you complete control over your floor’s final design!

Quick Installation

Our Formcove system takes just thirty minutes to reach its final settling stage. That means you get a completely personalized floor coating system in only a day.

Back-Up Warranty

Our Formcove industrial flooring systems are backed by lifetime warranties. Moreover, we provide you with fifteen-year product warranties on residential projects.

To learn more about our Formcove system and how you can install it over your chip, epoxy or quartz flooring system, get in touch with the professionals at DC Generals in Frederick, MD today. You may also dial (240) 629-8464 for more information or to reserve a spot for a complimentary consultation.

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