How Much Does a Metal Roof Cost?

Metal roofing estimates are one of the most common requests we receive. A quick cost quote is not easy because of the factors involved in the overall estimation.

Estimating a roof may look like a simple equation: multiply the price per square foot by the square footage of the roof. For example, take a typical advertisement defining a price for roofing material as $3.00 and a 1,000 square feet roof. By applying a calculation for the roof installation, you’ll get an estimated $3,000.00 budget. In reality, it is not that straightforward. Roof styles and their slope, complexities, and material used for roofing jobs are some of the many factors at play that will help you estimate closer to the actual cost. It should be noted that these approximations are educated guesses and actual rates may differ.

Roofing Material and Wastage

When deciding on metal roofing material you may start from the low end at $4 per square foot or $5-$8 for a medium quality material. High end materials may cost from $15-$20 per square foot. You must understand that there is some degree of waste involved during the metal roof installation. Waste may be inevitable because of drip edges, ridge caps or even fasteners. Any roof that has dormers or pipe flashings may have higher roofing material wastage. This additional complexity during roof installation increases the required labor hours and labor charges.

Wastage involved during installation may be approximated as 5-7% for low end and may hike up to 20% plus for high end roofs. Careful examination of the roof by professionals will help you determine these complexities.

A skilled laborer must visit the site and analyze the roof. Roofing jobs require specialists to estimate and provide recommendations depending on the current situation and structure of the roof. Chimneys, pipes, valleys or vents add more cost to the installation job. A steep roof pitch is more difficult to work with, increasing the overall cost.

Shipping and Handling

Metal roof material shipping may require special delivery depending on size and style of the material. These materials must be handled carefully and may require special tools in some cases. Any damage during shipping or installation may add to the overall cost of the roof installation.


When working with metal roof installation, skilled laborers should be contracted. They must be well-experienced in handling metal roofing materials, and in some cases they may require special tools to install the roof. Labor plays an important role in getting the job done well. Depending on the size and style of roofing metal, multiple laborers may be required in order to complete the job.

Lifting Device

Bundles of metal panels are heavy items that require lifting devices to place them in the desired location of the roof during installation. A suitable forklift should be utilized to handle these panels in order to avoid any accidents or scratches. Manual handling is not a recommended practice and may be hazardous. Lifting devices are typically rented and result in additional operational costs.


To ensure quality work, a skilled laborer would recommend you apply sealant. This will ensure that there are no leaks and your metal roof has better performance throughout the seasons. This will not only increase material cost but labor hours as well, which increases the overall cost.


The environment may cause corrosion to some metallic surfaces; therefore, oil paint coating or anti-corrosive material should be applied on the metal material. Coating is an additional cost and will increase labor hours and charges as well.

Depending on the roof already installed, roof replacement estimation may differ. Taxes, roof styles and shapes, or even their slopes may add complexities and increase costs. In addition, expertise of the installer will play a vital role. Inexperienced installers will not only cost you time and money, but could result in damage to the roof if installed incorrectly.

In short, a metal roofing job must be performed by a licensed contractor to ensure warranty of your roof and peace of mind, one of the many factors that contribute to overall roofing costs. To simplify this process, you can contact us to perform these services for you.

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