Roof Storm Damage: What do I do Next?

Your roof is your home’s exterior defense, and it has to be strong and storm-resistant to survive harsh weather conditions. That’s why it’s crucial to start working on roof damage as soon as possible after it occurs.

Severe storms or hail can badly ruin your roof if you live in Frederick, MD. In these cases, it’s important to take some steps to ensure its protection. If affected by adverse conditions, you need to determine the kind of damage that occurred. Should the deterioration be severe, arrange for a contractor. Work out a proper roofing estimate with them. Make sure the estimate covers all the components of your roof. Be sure to think about insurance matters during this procedure as well.

Let’s take the process step by step. First, let’s consider how to recognize a damaged roof.

Clear Indicators of Roof Damage

The obvious signs of roof damage include:

  • Water spots on a ceiling
  • Missing roof shingles (buildup on shingles is an important early sign of damage)
  • Misshaped shingles (often caused by hail storms)
  • Wrecked roof flashing around the edges of the roof, vents, and chimney
  • Peeling or loose sealant

The signs of water-based and wind-based storm damage might vary, but these are the most common.

Once you have assessed the damage, you can now plan to correct it. Reaching out to your insurance company is a valid option. However, it’s also important to work out a roof estimate and search for a contractor.

The Roofing Estimate

Now that you’re sure your roof needs repair, it’s time to get a roofing estimate from a good contractor. Keep an open mind during this process. After all, a high estimate could mean better quality roofing materials than a lower estimate.

Whether you are mending your roof or going for replacement after storm damage, you should convey a clear idea to your contractor regarding the expected total costs of material, labor, and other resources. Be sure to have clarity of thought regarding roof maintenance.

Negotiation with the Contractor

A skilled contractor can have a huge impact on your roofing system. The roofer should provide you with clear details about the work, the estimated time of construction, and the cost of the overall project. Be very particular about hiring a roofing company. Reputation is significant, but so is customer service. At DC Generals, we place great emphasis on product reviews and customer feedback throughout the process.

Insurance and license are very important factors to consider while searching for a roofer. These details are usually available on a roofing company’s website.

While you’re on their website, check out the company’s reviews. While it’s not possible for a company to have 100% good reviews all the time, it’s usually easy to determine a company’s overall reputation before signing on the dotted line for a job.

Trustworthy companies are difficult to find. At DC Generals, we have top-notch professionals ready to fix any roof problems. For further information, call (240) 629-8464 or visit our website to read our blogs on roof restoration!

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