4 Things to Look for in a Roofing Estimate

There are some useful tricks for getting a complete roof estimate. If you use them while hiring a contractor to replace the roof on your home in Frederick, MD, you can avoid falling prey to any hidden costs or overcharging.

Since you’ll likely be getting estimates from more than one contractor, make sure to compare their bids to see what each includes. Don’t be surprised by differing prices and verbiage. And don’t simply hire the first company to give you a quote, either. Instead, use this list to ensure you get a complete quote.

Make Sure the Quote Is for the Entire Roofing System

Expert roof replacement involves more than just the shingles. If you come across an estimate that seems higher than the others, don’t disregard it immediately. Find out what it includes. Suspiciously lower-priced bids might only account for the roofing materials.

Confirm That the Building Permit Is Part of the Estimate

Some jurisdictions may not require a building permit for certain kinds of roof jobs. In others – and for other jobs – you must have one. Contractors who have been in the field for some time are aware of this. A reputable contractor will do their research and pull a permit if the job requires it.

An inexperienced contracting firm may not do this. Or, even if they do, they may not include it in the roofing estimate they send to you. Make sure that a building permit is part of the bid you receive.

Our advice would be to call the city and verify if you’ll need one. Then, check if it is part of the estimate. Don’t hire contractors who refuse to pay for one simply because the permit is for the protection of the homeowner.

Approve the Kind of Materials Your Roofing Contractors Will Use

Roof repairs are not small affairs. They can be costly and take a long time to complete, especially if handled inexpertly.

When you work with experienced contractors, you don’t have to worry about incomplete bids and hidden costs. However, if you are having your roof repaired for the first time or using a new contractor, we’d recommend asking for an itemized estimate. With that in hand, you can gauge where your money is going.

Materials should be part of this estimate. Make sure that you can find all of them on the list. That means not just focusing on the most obvious ones, such as shingles.

You should also look for supplementary materials, including:

  • Sealants
  • Felt
  • Additional plywood, such as for replacement boards

Why replacement boards? While they only require replacement if they’re rotting, by including them on the list, you ensure that you won’t be paying extra if they need to be replaced.

An itemized estimated roof repair list also indicates the quality of the materials a roofing contractor will use for your job. For instance, the felt that lines the undersides of shingles come in two weights – 15 and 30 lb. The latter is costlier but also thicker.

You can check the list to determine if your contractor is overcharging you or simply using the best quality materials to fix your roof.

Be Sure the Work Comes with a Guarantee

Roof damage repair can be tricky. If you choose capable roofing contractors, their training will help them detect issues even before they begin working on your roof.

Nevertheless, some issues are difficult to anticipate. Say, for instance, they begin working on a leak and realize there is a deeper problem in your roof. Wouldn’t you want them to take care of that too? A guarantee of work is a necessary constituent of a roofing estimate. If you get one, your contractor will solve such issues.

At DC Generals, our roofing services offer customers a comprehensive estimate for their peace of mind. We ensure that the most important things are part of the bid. This includes a written and detailed contract that lets our customers know what they can expect, a guaranteed price, and high-quality work! Call (240) 629-8464 or visit to get a quote for your roof today!

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