Machine Shop Flooring: What We Recommend for Durability

Whether you cut the parts, finish them, or fabricate them in your factory, machine shop flooring has to be tough as nails. It must have extreme compressive strength to tolerate the weight of passing drills, lathes, and other heavy equipment. Small metal tools often fall on the floor. Huge abrasive particles and metal shavings frequently land on the ground. To protect floors from scratches and gouges due to all of these factors, factories require exceptional concrete floor coatings.

Factors Affecting Choice of Machine Shop Flooring

When choosing machine shop flooring, it is vital to consider the unique needs of your specific workspace. Many factors impact a concrete shop floor. These include the type of machinery on the floor, the current condition and overall age of the flooringuse of lubricantsfrequently spilled chemicals, and general worker foot traffic.

These factors play a considerable role in helping you choose the best machine shop floor coating. DC Generals is here to consult about the right coating to both repair your current floor and protect it against future damage.

The DC Generals Difference

DC Generals concrete floor services offer shop floor finishes for factories. These finishes provide a slip-resistant surface with unrivaled durability, as well as an overall improved appearance for your shop. Here are a few more advantages of our shop floor coatings and finishes.


We make floors durable by making them strong enough to deal with:


  • Dropped parts and tools
  • Spilled cutting oils
  • Heavy stationery
  • Machining fluids
  • Wheeled equipment
  • Chemicals
  • Heavy production impact and loads
  • Moisture
  • Metal particulate and shavings

As your leading local supplier of industrial epoxy floor covering systems, DC Generals is determined to work with you on installation. We’re ready and able to help you identify the appropriate machine shop flooring option for your facility at a very reasonable price.

Diverse Industry Types

We provide customers with brilliant machine shop flooring solutions for even the roughest environments. We frequently provide flooring solutions for engine manufacturing, industrial research facilities, automotive parts manufacturers, fabricating and repair facilities, weighty equipment production, and many other industrial businesses.

Every machine shop has unique flooring requirements and industry needs. To get the best and longest lasting results, it’s essential to consult experienced industrial floor coating providers like DC Generals.

Durability, Safety, and Value

DC Generals shop floor coatings are famous for their ability to hold up over time. Each coating shows off a tidy and polished appearance. We provide you with the best long-term custom flooring value. Our solutions are exactly what machine shops need, especially with a budget clearly in view. Our slip-resistant machine shop floor coatings are also engineered for safety, reducing the risk of your workers having accidents in a dangerous environment.

Maintenance and Variety

Our coatings keep your machine shop running competently and cost-effectively, but they are also easy to maintain and clean. We can also offer coatings in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Our professional team services do fast and easy installations, but you can also try a self-installation if you have knowledge and experience of machine shop flooring. We can provide everything necessary, including prep/etching solution, easy to follow instructions, industrial rollers, non-skid additives, frames, and mixers and mixing buckets. We can also provide a variety of densifiers, sealers, scratch-resistant factory coatings, urethanes, and a complete set of chemical resistant epoxies to make your machine shop flooring more durable.

If you’re not comfortable doing the job yourself, our expert staff at DC Generals is here to assist and work with you. If you want to explore more of our services, call us at (240) 629-8464 or visit us online.

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