How Nature Causes Roof Damage

When it comes to building infrastructure, the roof is a building’s most essential component. A defective roof can mean huge and unforeseen expenditures for homeowners, along with a wide range of other issues.

Regardless of what kind of roof you have – slanted, tile, flat, or shingle – each one is subject to damage from weather-related events. If you do not get a professional roofing company to fix the damage quickly, you may end up needing additional work in the future. Here are four common causes of roof damage to look out for.

1. Ice

Ice and snow are the main causes of roof leaks, creating a variety of troubles for a roof’s longevity. Little specks of water can settle under the shingles when ice or snow melt. As the water freezes again, it can lift the flashing and shingles. This creates ways for even worse water damage to occur. These twin factors speed up roof destruction and corrosion. If you live in a locality that encounters freezing in the winter season, then it is best to inspect your roof every spring.

2. Wind

Wind is a common cause of damage to nails, shingles, and other roofing materials that hold your roof together. Even average bursts of daily wind frequently have the power to erode your roof’s stability. This means lots of money spent for repairs. However, regular inspection of your roof’s integrity can potentially help you avoid storm damage issues.

3. Birds and Animals

Birds and animals are common causes of roof damage. Wildlife that can potentially harm your roof include mice, squirrels, rats, woodpeckers, raccoons, nesting birds, bats, nesting birds, and even some house cats. These animals can tear away vent covers and shingles in search of food or while trying to find a way into your home. Make sure that you keep an eye out for them since they might be visiting your rooftop quite often, depending on where you live.

4. Rain

Heavy rain is another common cause of roof damage. Heavy rains can cause gutters to overflow. This ends up letting the rain soak into the roof deck. It can also get into low-level shingles and wreak havoc on the roof joints. You may be risking compromising the structural integrity of your roof if you do not get this type of damage fixed in time.

5. Other Weather Conditions

Nature can cause an excess of issues when it comes to roofing. For instance, UV radiation from sunlight can hasten roof decline, especially if your roof has asphalt shingles. This leaves your roof more vulnerable to other elements.

All of these damages can potentially be avoided with the right care and maintenance routine in place. We recommend that you keep inspecting your roof, especially when the weather becomes adverse. This will help you spot the little damages on time in order to fix them right away. Without an inspection, you risk the damages becoming serious enough to cause massive destruction. Don’t endanger your roof or your family’s safety!

If you already have a broken roof or require a roof upgrade or maintenance, contact DC Generals today. We are one of the leading roofing construction teams in Frederick, MD. We aim to assist you in protecting your home from future weather-related damage.

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