How to Prevent Winter Storm Damage

In Frederick, MD, winter storms can bring with them a higher risk of roof damage. They may last for several days or just a few hours. Regardless of the duration, the extreme weather can knock out power, heat, and communication services! If you do not take proper precautions, your home and family security may be at great risk.

Winter storms mean endless possibilities for damage that can befall your home. There is ice, snow, and other unexpected sources ready to wreck your home in such weather conditions. Therefore, it is critical to make the right moves to stave off the damage.

We present the following ways you can consider to protect your home:

Keep Inspecting the Roof

You must not be oblivious to varying temperatures and heavy snowfall. They can cause severe destruction to your roof. For instance, ice dams are a major worry for most homeowners. They are caused by the refreezing of ice and snow on the warmer areas of the roof. Therefore, you will have to ensure that there is proper ventilation and insulation in your roof cavity. That will also prevent water from getting inside your roof and home.

Moreover, you must beware of the weight that ice and snow can add to your roof. Keep inspecting your roof in the winters and especially after any storm. You must remove the snow that stacks up there. You can do that with the help of a tool, such as a roof rake. You may also get the job done by a snow removal professional.

Protect your Pipes

Another main issue with frigid temperatures is the risk of frozen pipes. So, the heat inside your home must stay above sixty-five degrees during the winter season. You should also ensure that your pipes are in proper working order. Pipes that are close to outside walls are most at risk. We recommend you protect those since those pipes are vulnerable to chilly temperatures.

In addition to that, don’t leave any leaky taps as they are. Trickling water can freeze and cause pipes to crack or leak. Water wastage will also have an effect on your bill. Thus, getting the taps checked and fixed before winter storm season arrives would be best.

Cut Off Dead Branches

Many homeowners neglect this critical home maintenance task during the cold weather. Big trees can add to the destruction when a winter storm blows in. For instance, ice and heavy snow can put a hefty load on the trees. If those trees are not taken care of correctly, they can get uprooted. Flying branches or the whole tree can hit your house and may result in a collapsed roof, broken windows, or even worse, harming someone on your home property.

Therefore, taking proper care of the trees that are close to your home is quite necessary. That will protect you from encountering greater winter storm roof damage. Cutting the bigger branches is best done in the fall.

Cover Up the Gaps

Even the tiniest cracks and gaps on the outside of your home can turn into a massive problem with ice and heavy snowfall. When the ice and snow melt, the sludge can get stuck in those small gaps. The result is severe damage to the foundation of your house. After all, the colder temperatures will cause the sludge to freeze again. And then, it will expand, and those gaps or holes will get bigger!

Fire Dangers

It seems so pleasant to sit by your roaring fire at home. Sometimes fire becomes a necessity, especially when a storm hits. Therefore, you must have a secure fireplace in your home.

Moreover, the cleanliness of the fireplace matters a lot in home safety. If you do not clean it once a year, it can increase the risk of a home fire. So, we recommend you take care of your yearly maintenance to stay safe from fireplace hazards in winters.

Also, you must not forget that these pre-season actions and plans, like inspection and repairing of the roof, are essential. A skilled workforce will set it up, so your home is ready for whatever the winter season will come up with. Appropriate procedures, including professional roofing, help reduce the risk of winter storm damages. To learn more tricks on how you can stay safe from extreme weather, contact DC Generals. Schedule a free consultation with our roof maintenance professionals before the risk of damage even becomes a question!

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