How to Know When Insurance Should Pay for Your Roof

Storm related damage in Frederick, MD can be devastating for homeowners who will need to juggle handling the insurance company, the roofing contractor, and the mortgage lender! This means many phone calls, some physical encounters, and follow-ups – not to mention the mountain of paperwork.

At DC Generals, we’ve helped many homeowners sort it all out. Let’s look at some bedrock recommendations that will make roof restoration a much smoother process.

Problem: Damaging Acts of Nature

Harsh storms are counted as acts of nature, so any storm damage will qualify you, the homeowner, for roof replacement. Whether insurance picks up the total bill or partially depends on your company. Whatever the case, be sure to file quickly! Delaying filing a claim almost never works in your favor.

Solution: Inspecting the Roof Immediately After a Storm

​If you suspect a storm has left your roof damaged, immediately contact a licensed residential roofing contractor. Let them come to inspect your roof instead of doing it yourself. This is crucial for two reasons.

First, your roof may look intact and actually not be. Lack of expertise could cause you to miss significant internal damage. Second, a trained roofing specialist can add to the credibility of your claim and give it leverage with an insurance adjuster.

Problem: Finding Multiple Leaks on the Roof

Leak repair is essential. Not doing anything about it leaves your home vulnerable to water damage. Given the expense, perhaps you’re wondering whether your insurance will cover it. Make sure you check to see if the event is listed in your homeowner’s insurance policy.

The cause of the leakage also matters. If hail damage is the reason for your leaky roof, you may be out of luck. The same is true for poor maintenance. Get ready to foot the bill since you haven’t been calling in your roof contractor for regular inspections!

Finally, you could be in trouble even if the source of damage is part of the policy. Your insurance company may not pay you enough to cover the cost of repair or replacement.

Solution: Knowing What Makes Actual Cash Value and Replacement Value Different

It is essential that you read your insurance policy thoroughly to understand which types of damages it includes. You should also determine how much the company will pay should any damage occur.

Keep in mind the difference between actual cash value (ACV) and replacement value (RV). In RV, your insurance company won’t factor in the depreciation. You will receive the amount you need. In the event of ACV, you will only receive the amount suitable for your roof after depreciation.

Problem: Missing the Part about Wind and Hail Deductibles

Certain places are more prone to tornadoes and hurricanes, including Frederick, MD. Insurance will come with a separate wind and hail deductible before you can get coverage for those hazards. If you don’t want to chance paying for a new roof out of pocket after a storm, paying the deductible is necessary.

Solution: Not Missing any Payments

Your insurer will have the right to deny you any benefits if you miss payments, including hail and wind damage coverage. This becomes more likely with every successive payment you miss. Try to clear those in full and proceed paying regularly afterwards. Should you not be able to do that, here are ways to prevent cancelation.

We recommend that you file your roof insurance claims as quickly as you can. Remember to get the assistance of a reputable local roofing contracting firm who knows how to navigate insurance matters.

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