Seven Best Ways to Clear Snow from Your Roof

Winter season can be both breathtaking and harmful. When it snows us in for a day or two, it can be fun, as long as you have the right supplies on hand. Just like with any other weather we face, snowfall can cause significant snow storm damage to many homes, even resulting in a roof collapse! A considerable amount of snow can also cause ice dams and structural problems.

Stop before you go outside to have a look at how much snow has accumulated on your roof. Here are seven tips to follow in order to safely and effectively remove snow from your roof:

  1. Keep Yourself Protected and Take Safety Precautions

First things first: to protect yourself from any harm, you need to dress appropriately. Wear warm clothes; for instance, a thick layer of clothing, warm socks, a scarf, gloves or mittens, and snow boots would do it. Then, before you begin shoveling, warm your body up. This prevents any injuries due to exposure to cold weather.

  1. Always Know When Snow Removal from your Rooftop is Necessary

Now, figure out whether you need to remove snow at all. Consider if any damage is done to the top of the roof, then roof repair would be needed. Or, the roof could require replacement from scratch. In that case, removal of the fallen snow is unnecessary. Reach for the phone and call the contractors instead!

  1. Use the Right Snow Removal Tools

Most people use a roof rake to remove snow from the roof. A roof rake helps you clear off the snow from your roof without having to climb up a ladder. It’s difficult to remove wet and hard snow as it sticks on to the edges of the roof. Removing soft and fresh snow, on the other hand, is easier. Hence, timing will matter.

You may also need a snowblower. If you haven’t used one before, experiment with how to use it properly, keeping in mind that speed matters. Otherwise, the snow spills out the other side of the machine! A blower is more useful in clearing out fresh snow from the roof. Hard and wet snow won’t give way that easily.

When you cannot find the proper tools, choose a plastic shovel or rake. It will be unlikely for you to cause any severe damage with them as you would with a metal tool.

  1. Use the Proper Technique

Your roof is built to minimize the hazards of a winter storm or extreme weather conditions, but it isn’t going to be utterly resistant to all the damage. Always ensure that you are using the right tool for the job.

Even improperly using the right tool can damage shingles, so try clearing a foot of snow at a time. If you attempt clearing a significant amount in one go, you risk forming a huge, solid structure. Packed snow is even heavier and more difficult to remove.

  1. Use the Ladder from Your Garage

It is better to climb up a ladder to clear off the snow with a roof rake, rather than standing on top of the roof. Your weight may cause the roof to collapse. Additionally, getting on top of a snow-covered roof can be quite risky without the proper safety equipment. Another way to protect yourself from falling is to use a roof fall harness.

  1. Grab the Roof Blueprints

Reviewing the blueprint of the roof will clue you in about the location of any vents, skylights, or other projections. Read this before attempting any roof work to reduce the likelihood of slipping off or losing your footing.

  1. Aim for the Snow Load Ups

Snowfall can sometimes cause great winter storm damage when it gathers in one spot. Loading up of the snow on the weaker sections of the roof can be dangerous, even causing the roof to collapse. Try to remove the snow from such areas and collect it somewhere that sees minimal foot traffic.

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