Why You Should Inspect Your Roof During Winter

An annual roof inspection is a must to ensure your roof lasts. Though every roof is generally made to last for at least twenty-five years, harsh weather conditions, intense sunlight, or flying debris may result in damage and premature deterioration. Annual roof inspections will show you what needs to be fixed and catch any roof problems before they reach a damaging point.

Here in Frederick, MD, winter is the best time for a roof inspection. Many homeowners wonder exactly why this is. Here are some reasons why you should consider a roof inspection as the cold weather blows in.

Why a Winter Roof Inspection?

Hurricane Season may Have Passed, but There’s Another One Coming

Maryland is often on high alert for hurricanes between June and November. These enormous storms can result in ruined roofs with missing shingles and holes caused by flying debris. You never know exactly what kind of damage a hurricane will bring, but you can be prepared. At DC Generals, we recommend that you have a final roof inspection before hurricane season rolls in again.

Safety from Heavy Rains

Although you might frequently suspect a leak during a cloudburst, you usually cannot repair it until the roof has dried out. Barring any snow storms, the winter air is normally the driest of the year, leaving your roof safe for an inspection. Want to stay safe from the massive torrential rains? Prepare for them by inspecting your roofs in winter.

No Extreme Temperatures

Spending long hours on a roof in the scorching summer sun makes most of us miserable. A complete roof inspection might take two to three hours. In the cooler temperatures, you can do the whole job without the heat melting off skin! A winter inspection means safety from harsh temperatures.

Getting the Best Roof Inspection Possible

Due to the conditions mentioned above, professional roofing companies are usually quite busy with inspections during the winter season. We recommend that you call an examiner by mid-fall to schedule an early winter inspection.

DC Generals roof inspection experts always recommend that you visually examine your roof after every major storm or wind event, no matter what time of year it occurs. Moreover, you must occasionally look at the walls, interior framing, ceilings, eaves, and skylights. If your roof has undergone damage, call for professional aid straight away. Are there any indications of a leak? Dial a roofer!

Keep an eye on structural problems and never put off fixing water intrusion. These problems can get severe with each rainfall. If you delay any instant maintenance, it can cause huge damages later.

After a roof inspection, you will get a detailed report about your roof’s situation. This will include suggestions for prolonging its life with optimal maintenance. If repairs are compulsory, schedule your maintenance as soon as possible.

At DC Generals, we’re proud to be your local roofing experts. We look forward to ensuring your home's protection and your family’s safety. Contact us today with any of your roof insurance and inspection questions.

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