Concrete Coatings- Let your Investment be Protected

Concrete coatings are any material used to create a bond between the floor and concrete to protect it. This category includes epoxies, resurfacing materials, and overlays-- all of which increase the strength of your concrete-- and they are easy to integrate.

A safe and functional environment is the only sure thing to ensure your employees' and customers' protection from the ground up, with floor coatings. Either you go for concrete flooring or concrete coatings. Your business flourishes with a high-quality combination of color and texture.

If you are looking for the best service of concrete coatings in the state, you’re at the right place to protect your business with a reliable and professional service. PennTek is the only reputable company in the country having experience of decades. We provide top-notch quality floor coating systems. We have a fleet of well-trained and professional team members, who take pride in facilitating our clients with the best concrete coating services. Your business will get the ideal look and feel with our exceptional service of metallic system coatings.

Most Popular Applications


Epoxy flooring systems offer the best protection for many businesses, such as food factories or bakery shops. They resist harsh cleaning methods and oil stains, and are solid enough to protect from collision. Epoxies offer one of the most durable flooring systems, and we offer a wide variety of epoxy options. No two floors will look the same with our service-- between your customized color choices and our contractors' experience, your flooring will be unique.


Concrete overlays are specially customized to fit into a few different uses. While they can be used to fix any underlying problems your concrete slab may have, they can also be used to bring a one-of-a-kind look to a dull surface. We use concrete overlay to solve out the drainage issues and to improve the skidding issue, by adding more resistance. Thus, making it perfect for any use including industrial, commercial or residential.

Concrete Resurfacing

Your concrete floor can be resurfaced no matter where it is. If your concrete is showing cracking or surface corrosion, a simple concrete resurfacing will fix your problems-- as long as they are not structural.

Concrete Coating Users

Concrete coating systems are commercial, long-lasting, and protective for many different purposes. We install concrete coatings for business, commercial buildings, and industrial buildings. Here are some buildings where concrete coating is ideal:

  • Factories, as coated with the epoxies, can resist scratch and discoloration.
  • Educational facilities, once coated, are easy to clean and sustain (i.e., for wall designing.)
  • Medical buildings and hospitals use such coatings for seamless designs, making the floors perfect for a hygienic environment.
  • Owners prefer coatings such as epoxies or overlays in order to give modern look to their flooring system. Also, it is valuable to increase the strength of the garage floor surface and to lessen the slip.
  • Storefronts of any company, business or dealing store can be rejuvenated and frictional enough to grip heavy wheel traffic.

How Concrete Floor Coating Works

We will customize your floor coating with the right selection of pigments and texture. Our system provides a non-slippery business as well as industrial flooring, assembled with several layers of coating for long-lasting strength. All procedures are followed by 100% polyurea solids to give it better quality, stability, and resistance to chemicals and scratches. Additionally, UV stability is also ensured. Among all other features, its vinyl metallic, and quartz chips can be custom-blended into nearly any color of your desire.

High-Quality Features – You will Love your New Floor

Whether you need coating for commercial flooring or home flooring, we give you the right start by helping you choose your concrete coating. PennTek floor coating systems have the expertise to provide the ideal homogeneous form and function. Renowned because of its high potency and flexibility, a concrete coated floor offers a flawless and smooth appearance that adds worth to your business feel and look. You can get the following features by using appealing concrete coatings.

  • Custom Appearance:

For metallic systems, selects from the chip, quartz, and reliable color systems to custom-design a space that adds appeal to your home's style.

  • Enhanced Protection:

The unique texture of orange-peel and anti-skid surface provides enhanced safety against slips and falls.

  • Intense Resilience: Resistant to chemicals, abrasions, and collision, your new flooring will have the ability to bear up against most robust applications.
  • Quick Service: We know about time's worth and value, so we'll not waste more time integrating all flooring systems. Our professional installers will get your garage floor coating ready for use in just 24 hours.

If you want your floor to be a true masterpiece of coating, contact us and give us a chance to serve you with top-notch quality.

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