Commercial Flooring Tips: How We Can Customize Your Concrete Coatings

The popularity of concrete flooring is increasing day by day due to its unique attributes. Belonging to the commercial flooring category, no two concrete floors look alike-- each of them possesses a unique personality. If you are a business owner or a homeowner, you will love concrete flooring options for your building or dream house because it is exceptionally durable. This is a great benefit for outdoor concrete surfaces exposed to the cold and extreme weather of Frederick, Maryland. In addition, good news for the owners is that concrete floors do not require regular maintenance due to their environmentally-friendly characteristics. Therefore, the floor surface will always present an attractive look.

Your concrete flooring can be customized according to your personal preference. You can use unique ways to personalize your concrete coatings that saves you from the traditional boring gray look. Have you ever experimented with different tools like sponges and rags or used your hands for decorative purposes? No need to worry; let us guide you through a convenient process of customizing your concrete floors using unique methods.

Incorporating Elegant Wooden Inlays in Your Business Flooring

If you own a 10,000 square feet dream home, you can personalize your floors by incorporating wooden inlays. With the concrete floor coating, a reflection of wood beams in the ceiling is visible, which provides a stunning look to your entire room.

Stamped Concrete

Nowadays, the popularity of stamped concrete is growing. This type of concrete coating is also called patterned or imprinted coating and it was first used in the 1950s in California. Now you can see stamped concrete floors in every corner of the modern world. Tile and stone rock are also a part of stamped concrete.

Polished Concrete

You can embellish your industrial flooring with polished concrete if you are a lover of glossy, elegant stone-type looks. This type of polished concrete has a great history; it was used constantly in ancient times and is becoming a paramount choice of homeowners in the 21st century to customize floors. Since concrete is hard, you can utilize diamond pads to grind it. Polished concrete floors have a benefit of low maintenance costs that don’t need any topical sealers.

Stained Concrete Style

Another great way to customize your flooring is to use stained concrete flooring which can be divided into two major groups: dyed concrete and tinted sealers. More often you can observe them in high gloss finishes. This method is an amazing option to personalize your existing concrete coating because there is a broad range of concrete dyes available to choose from. You can apply any tinted sealers or stains to accomplish your goal.

Colored Concrete

This is another excellent floor coating system that is getting more popular each day. You can learn this technique for customizing concrete coating by mixing an appropriate color with the concrete. This works amazingly well-- when colors are added to a concrete mixture your conventional gray floor is converted to a stunning new and personalized concrete.

Wondering what should be applied to concrete to accomplish that look? You can apply a coloring agent, known as dry shake or a color hardener, to the concrete. This option might prove to be a bit expensive; however, a colored concrete floor is always more durable and offers an amazing aesthetic.

Decorative Overlays

Decorative overlays are not the most popular choice to enhance your concrete floorings, but they are an elegant way to customize your overall flooring. You can apply decorative flooring on both worn and dull surfaces. Overlays can work just fine in the presence of existing concrete, but the thickness of overlays may be different depending on your preferences. Some overlays can be as thick as a credit card which some are just one inch wide. Another great thing about decorative overlays is that they can handle stains, which allow enhancing or expanding colors. This type of floor coating system can further enhance the elegant looks of your floors.

Some Considerations Before You Customize Floors

  • Use appropriate color schemes suited for each other.
  • Use a color texture or complementary colors-- including green or red.
  • Refrain from using tile stamps because they do not provide a contemporary look.
  • Use stains and stamps, similar to wooden planks, to give your floors a hardwood look.

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