How Concrete Floor Coatings Improve Safety Standards in Your Factory

As an employer, it is important to not overlook or compromise the safety of your employees. Floor coatings are important not only for their look, but because they provide safety to the area. When it comes to the productivity and efficiency of workers, some safety measures should be adopted in order to avoid damages and uncontrolled expenditures over unforeseen hazards.

One must acknowledge the significance of reasonable, economical yet standardized floor coatings, since these warehouses and workplaces are inspected by organizations like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to meet and enforce the safety standards. Even a little negligence can result in hefty fines and penalties.

Of course, workplace safety isn’t just about following the law. Companies and their management also have a responsibility to create safe environments for their employees.

Why Choose Floor Coatings?

Let’s have a look at why warehouses and industries must meet standards to enhance and ensure the safety of their commercial flooring:

  • Foot traffic is normally higher in working sites and factories. Such a situation poses a high risk of accident occurrence.
  • Spillovers like oil stains and chemical exposures may lead to workers’ illness and health issues. Therefore, better floor coatings provide hygiene and sustainability to industries.
  • Improper floor coating increases insurance claims and decreases productivity of employees and working staff.
  • Equipment installed is heavier and sometimes sensitive to handle on industrial flooring. Finished floors and coated concrete are more reliable to work on.

Why Choose Concrete Coatings?

Whether it is about renovation or building out a new space, either indoors or outdoors, concrete flooring remains the best choice for construction professionals, builders and contractors. To ensure vast area coverage, concrete coatings are the finest and most sustainable option. However, we cannot confine its utility to industrial areas only.

These days, homes and hallways, hospitals and clinics, porches and garages, and patios and courtyards all look pretty and extravagantly wide and beautiful with these economical coatings. This is because of the variety of designs available by flooring contractors and service providers.

Sustainability: Concrete coatings have become the most feasible option for all kinds of spaces. Their durability has no match as they are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Concrete coating is the answer to heavy foot traffic and may help people working feel at ease and protected.

Cleanliness and maintenance: It is equally important to keep the working vicinity clean and maintained to avoid illness and various health issues. Maintainability is high among all the choices of concrete floorings. Use of mops and simple cleaners and detergents make this tough job easy.

Budget Friendly: Concrete coatings are also cost effective. Other flooring options like wood fabrication are not economical and affordable for large areas. Moreover, there are durability risks in heavy foot traffic and industrial zones.

Safe and Secure: Industrial coatings make for an abrasion-free space, which ultimately minimizes danger and hazards for workers. Slip resistant additives can be used to provide anti-slip surfaces. Thus, a low risk workspace can be established. This is important because workers' productivity increases in safer environments.

Versatile: Concrete floors are long-lasting and versatile – they are tough. They are beautiful. Various finishing techniques have made it easy to achieve a nearly endless variety of colors and textural effects. Modern technology provides a wide variety of colors and coating designs that can highlight different junctions at workplaces and make for less disruption in warehouses and factories.

The application of concrete coatings at work or in a factory always needs the services of a professional who understands the nature and potential problems of every surface.

Many services companies are dynamically facilitating warehouses and factories around the world to achieve safety goals related to floorings, fulfilling certain standardized demands and requirements.

PennTek Industrial Coating is one such firm providing slip-resistant coating solutions nationwide. These service providers monitor standards and journals to provide low maintenance commercial flooring and highly safe work environments. Their cleaning methods, efficient designs and performance, along with knowledge of specific drying times and strict retouches are all critical to achieving the desired standard. Thus floor coatings of any kind should only be applied by personnel who are aware of all these factors. For your concrete floor coating services, get in touch with the professionals at DC Generals today.

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