Choosing Concrete Coatings for Your Business: Solid Color Epoxy

Residential, business and commercial flooring all come with infinite options when you choose a coating at DC Generals! We provide you with the most reliable way to protect the floors of your business premises. Whether you bombard them with harsh chemicals or drop heavy weights on them, our products will keep up with the immense demands, unlike others out there.

Need more convincing to layer over your concrete flooring with a coat? Here are some reasons:

Why Should You Use Concrete Coatings?

Concrete flooring systems are safe, reliable, durable and cost-effective. We install concrete coatings in all kinds of settings. Here’s how they help:

  • Factories use these coatings since materials like epoxies can avoid stains and damage.
  • They are used in educational facilities because these coatings are easy to maintain and clean.
  • In medical facilities, they use the protective layer for its seamless design, which makes the flooring an anti-slip surface.
  • Homeowners use them to renovate flooring systems, as well as for the traction they offer.
  • Home garages and auto shops use them for their anti-staining characteristics.
  • Industries use these to make their storefronts more elegant, plus they’re robust enough to endure heavy foot traffic.

A Concrete Coating for Every Kind of Flooring System

Penn Tek concrete flooring systems are not only for industrial usage. They can be placed anywhere that has concrete. Besides looking so elegant, they also come with the best floor protection properties. Do not worry about the needs of your business or residential property. Additionally, you can choose from a vast selection such as overlays, epoxies and resurfacing techniques.

Below, we discuss the applications of solid color epoxy in detail:

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is usually composed of two major components: hardeners and resins. The resin in the epoxy flooring system is a transparent component. It is virtually odorless too.

Meanwhile, the hardener is darker. It also possesses a strong smell like that of ammonia. When we mix up these two components during the application process, a chemical reaction takes place. The result is the transformation of epoxy flooring into a plastic-like, rigid and hard material. When applied to a floor, it produces a highly resilient, chemical-resistant and waterproof finish.

The procedure of spreading an epoxy floor covering involves a roller and a squeegee. For a resilient and consistent epoxy floor, we recommend you have experienced professionals come over to install this kind of coating.

Solid Color Epoxy

If you want to increase the longevity and sustainability of your floor in one cost-effective and instant installation, solid color epoxy is the best choice you can make. These epoxies are created to survive constant wear and tear without indicating signs of age or damage.

Penn Tek’s solid color epoxies are excellent floor coating systems for garage floors, heavily used areas or warehouses. In addition, they are budget-friendly and are ready to go after single-day installations.

Common Uses for Solid Color Epoxy Flooring

Because of the robust nature and comfort of solid color epoxy flooring, it is one of the most common and standard choices for a wide variety of industrial, business, household and commercial areas.

Its sturdiness functions well in huge areas, like production floors, warehouses, showrooms and industrial plants. Moreover, its high sustainability and affordable pricing also make it an exceptional choice for residential garage floors.

So, no matter what your requirements are, solid color epoxy is fit for most kinds of concrete flooring.

Now, let's explore the other advantages of Penn Tek's solid color epoxies:

Low Cost

This epoxy is one of the most reasonably priced floor finishes today. It is most admired because of its UV stability. Moreover, it comes with an abrasion resistance that increases the expected lifespan of your floors.

Fade-Resistant Color

Solid color epoxy is color-fast. On industrial floorings, it safeguards consistent color over the whole floor. No matter how huge an area is, the colors come out the same in all its parts.


Our solid color epoxy is available in a wide range of colors and textures. They ensure the aesthetics, lighting and décor of any room get a boost. Moreover, there are matte and high-gloss finishes available too!

Feel free to consult with DC Generals’ technicians in Frederick, MD here. Whether you are refinishing your garage floors or redoing warehouses, let’s boost the impression, style and resistance of your business flooring with solid color epoxy from DC Generals floor coatings!

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