What to Expect from Fire Damage Restoration?

A home catches fire in the United States every 90 seconds. Did you know fires were that frequent? Both large-scale fires and the small ones are dangerous. In the latter’s case, while your house may not burn to the ground, it will undergo much damage. The combined effect of heat, smoke, water, and soot can have disastrous results.

While accidents do happen, there are steps you can take to reduce the extent of fire damage. Fire restoration is one such measure. Let’s discuss the steps in this process and who to call for help if your home catches on fire.

Provision of Emergency Services

There are various considerations you should focus on when looking for a fire damage restoration company. You’ll find some of them here. The most important one is that the company of your choice should offer emergency services.

This means that as soon as you contact them, they will send specialized manpower for relief to your property. Why ensure immediate service for fire damage restoration? While the emergency services and fire department do their jobs and put out the fires, a specialized restoration team will work to minimize the damage. This includes preventing the damage from spreading to the entirety of your property.

For instance, a fire may reach upward to burn a hole in your roof. If it rains afterward, the water will come in through the ceiling and damage your property even further. Roof repair takes time, but until then, the expertise of a restoration team can keep the problem from becoming worse.

Similarly, a fire may also damage your siding, leaving your home vulnerable to invasion. Having experts who know how the fire damage restoration process works can provide immediate relief.

Assessment of the Damage

How a fire starts, how much it spread, and which rooms it affected the most can vary. A quality restoration team will always provide an assessment of how much damage the fire left behind. They will examine everything in detail before they inform you of the kind of clean up your home will need. They can also tell you how to fix things properly.

Don’t delay an inspection because fires can damage a house’s foundation. Living in a building with structural vulnerabilities can be dangerous both immediately and long-term.

Securing the Foundation

The inspection team will look for weakened structures and holes next. They will check out the walls, roof, and floors as well. Their objective is to prevent your home from undergoing any more destruction. Thus, securing its foundation will be a priority step in the restoration process.

Additionally, the water used to put out a fire can cause further harm. Experts will also work toward preventing water damage. They will also fortify your home against rainy weather by using vapor barriers.

Removing the Smoke and Soot

A restoration company will then employ special chemicals to get rid of the smoke and soot. It isn't easy to remove these stains after a fire visits a home. However, the professionals will have a protocol for that too.

Getting Rid of the Odor

Odor removal is an integral part of restoration services. Even after a fire has been put out, your abode will go on smelling like ashes. This can continue for weeks! Call in the restoration company to find the source and get rid of the smell.

Securing of Property against Vandalism

Many families become the target of vandalism after a fire. If yours does too, your insurance company can pay for things that were stolen or damaged. However, before that, you will need to document the evidence of vandalism. Restoration companies understand that the timing may not be ideal for you. At DC Generals, we’ll be happy to assist you in documenting a claim.

If you have experienced a fire, the emergency services won’t be enough to restore your home to its former state. Call DC Generals to get in touch with one of the best fire restoration teams in the area at (240) 629-8464 or get your free quote today!

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