Roof Replacement and Repairs: Which is Best?

Many of our customers struggle with the question, roof replacement vs repairs. When they put it to us, we tell them it isn’t that simple! The answer requires a thorough inspection. Like many home improvement decisions, this one isn’t cut and dry. The results of the inspection will tell the roofing experts whether repairing the roof will be sufficient. In other cases, no amount of repairs will do the trick, which makes replacement the sole solution.

Factors, including the extent of damage, its type, and the cost, will also play a part in your decision. In either case, prevention is more than worth the cure. Therefore, taking care of maintenance regularly will extend the life of your roof.

While you’ll know if your home will benefit from a reroof vs repair post-inspection, we discuss common types of damages below. Speed up your decision-making process:

If you See Black Streaks on the Roof

We’d like to think that when we say asphalt roof shingles, we are referring just to the material, asphalt. However, the shingles are composed of other substances, such as fiberglass, fibrous paper, and various minerals. The proportion of each of those components – and asphalt – depends on the manufacturer.

While vacillating between repairing and reroofing, you might want to visit the roof itself. Look for any black streaks once you are there. Staining your roof in black are spores from the alga, Gloeocapsa magma. They are attracted to asphalt shingles with higher paper concentration. Now, here’s the clincher: even a replacement with a new roof will not do you good. Call in a roof contractor who knows how to deal with the infestation, instead of shelling out money. They will use algae treatment products to get rid of it without harming the shingles.

Fortunately, it takes the algae some time to work on the shingles. Therefore, if you catch the infestation in initial stages, your shingles will be in good shape. In that case, roof repairs will do!

If you Spot a Leak

One leak is easy to beat – or plug in – provided you call in professional roofers for an inspection immediately. They will detect the source, how widespread it is, and other details. An isolated leak usually goes away after quick repairs. On the other hand, multiple leaks from several points will make replacement necessary.

If the Shingles Don’t Look too Good

You can also determine if you need roof replacement by looking at the state of your shingles. Being a major component of the roof system, the shingles predict its state quite accurately. For instance, if you don’t see any storm damage and none of the shingles are out of place, curled up, or cracked, then you don’t need to replace them.

However, if conditions are otherwise, think about a new roof. Shingles make the roof. Additionally, granules from shingles can also fall into gutters and result in water damage (Insert Link Here to Previous Article on Common Causes of Roof Leaks).

If the Roof Appears to Sag

Let us not even consider what a sagging roof will do to your home’s appearance and the aesthetics. Instead, look at the larger problem that this issue indicates. The lines of your roof should be straight minus any dips, curves, or sags.

Should you see a sagging roof, call the contractor immediately. That’s because you’re looking at a structural issue. Most often, trapped moisture or rotting boards are the culprits. Waiting means you risk the problem becoming worse. Based on how big of an area is affected, you may end up paying for either repairs or replacement.

If the Roof is Damaged in Patches

A deteriorating section of your roof can be patched up expertly. However, this will depend on the size of the patch and the expertise of the contractor. Choose a trustworthy and skilled roofing contractor for the job for the best results.

In the case of extensive damage, they will roof over the existing shingles, instead of tearing off the old roof. Again, the outcome – and the solution the contractor suggests – will depend on what they find after they perform a thorough inspection. After that, they can tell you if it is worth extending your existing roof’s lifespan.

Roofing replacement in Frederick MD may be costly, but we’d recommend not postponing it. Instead, call us at (240) 629-8464, so we can guide you better. You can also visit our website for a free quote!

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