What Should I Do If My Roof Is Leaking?


If you typed this into Google, you probably already have a suspicion that something isn’t right with the roof on your Frederick home.

Stay calm. We’ve got your back.

Is It Your Roof That’s Leaking?

Here are a few key warning signs to watch for:

  • Sudden stains on your ceiling.
  • Can you hear dripping? Whether it’s intermittent or constant, dripping sounds can help you pinpoint the origin.
  • Stains on exterior walls? This is often due to a flashing issue.
  • Bulges or discoloration in your walls or ceiling.

One major question homeowners often have is whether they have a roof leak or a plumbing leak. To put it simply, leaks from above are typically from your roof, while leaks in plumbing are most often in basements, walls, or only indicated by sudden changes in your water bill.

What Do I Do If My Roof Is Leaking?

Okay, you’ve definitely got something going on here.

If you have a bulge in your wall or ceiling, indicating a build-up of water, grab a bucket and a screwdriver. After placing the bucket below, slowly puncture the bulge. This may seem like you’re creating MORE damage, but by giving the water an exit point you’ll reduce the spread overhead, and also remove the pressure on your ceiling.

Step 2? Call your roofing company!

Emergency Roofing Services in Frederick, MD

Don’t leave it to chance, and please, PLEASE never just “hope it will go away.” Roofing leaks may get better temporarily, but they never repair themselves or are a one-time event.

Our team can help you pinpoint the issue, provide emergency tarping if needed, and quickly ensure your home is protected. In fact roof repair and insurance claims are our specialty!

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