Storm Damage and Roof Repair in Frederick, MD

Okay, let’s think through the scenario a bit.

A storm blows through Frederick County, with howling wind and driving rain. Maybe hail. After it’s all over you stick your head outside and check for those big signs of damage. You know, downed power lines, fallen tree limbs, shingles in the front yard…

If there’s nothing there, you probably think all is well, right?

Sadly, that’s not always the case. As a roofing company that specializes in storm damage assessments and repair, we’ve seen cases where the damage isn’t always obvious. Sometimes issues pop up much further down the road, but at that point it can be harder to have the repairs covered by your insurance provider.

Signs That Your Roof Has Been Damaged By a Storm

  • Shingles in the yard are a clear sign of trouble, but how about buckled, dented, curled, or lifting shingles? Not as easy to identify, but definitely a sign of trouble.
  • Damaged flashing. It may look okay from the ground, but compromised flashing can quickly lead to interior leaks.
  • Peeling or loose sealing along vents, skylights, chimney, and along the edge of your roof.

If you can catch damage early, you’ll protect your home, protect your budget, and greatly increase the chances of your insurance company covering necessary repairs. We have a phenomenal track record of success, helping our neighbors (in many cases) receive a totally new roof for just the cost of their deductible. That’s a win from every angle.

What’s Involved in Your Storm Damage Assessment?

You deserve an easy and clear process!

The key is to call us immediately. We’ll send over an expert representative to complete a thorough inspection and determine the extent of the damage. Once your assessment is complete, we’re happy to meet with your insurance company and discuss our findings in detail. Our goal is to do everything we can to make sure you (and your home!) are covered.

In the meantime, please reach out with any questions! We’re here to serve you.

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