Should I Repair My Roof Before Selling?

A roof’s condition can be a major concern if you are planning on selling your house. If your house has a damaged roof, you may choose to repair it before you sell – or not. Many homeowners wonder about the best route to take before a house goes on the market.

Selling a Home: To Fix or Not to Fix?

Homeowners who fix the roof before sale will be hoping that the actual cost of the house sale will cover the expense. Those who choose not to fix the roof often end up quickly selling the house – probably at a lower price than they should – and hoping the buyers won’t notice the details. This is risky: if discovered, you may be required to pay for the repairing charges.

At DC Generals, we recommend selling a house only after you’ve fixed the necessary roofing issues.

Selling after Fixing the Roof

In addition to the kitchen, drainage, flooring and the water supply, prospective home buyers pay special attention the roof when they inspect a house.

If your roof is fairly old or has some serious damage, roof repairs will become necessary in order for your house to do well on the market. Homes in the Frederick, MD area are particularly susceptible to storm damage as well. Here are some particular things to watch out for:

Water Stains

Water stains from storm damage are annoying and could eventually lead to danger. You shouldn’t ignore water stains because potential buyers won’t ignore them either! If there any other signs of water intrusion, be sure to have them looked at before the house goes on the market.

Roof Details

Be on the lookout for broken tiles, shingles, and ridge caps. It is important to maintain these parts, as they play a role in protecting the house from water damage.

Other indicators for roof ruin that needs to be repaired are any blisters, bubbles, and cracks in the sealant. Pay special attention to the underlying layer beneath the tiles and roof shingles.

Eaves and Fascia

The edges of the roof are called eaves. They are usually hanging over the exterior surface of the wall. The fascia runs next to the eaves. Make sure both of these structures are in good condition and protected from water damage. Otherwise, rot may set in and invite a whole host of other problems.


During rainfall or any extreme weather condition, the yard drainage should not come in contact with the foundation. Major problems result if water collects around the foundation. Be sure to fix any drainage issues as soon as possible.

Getting the Right Roof Repairs

Get your roof fixed or not? It may be a complicated decision. A reputable, trustworthy, Frederick, MD roofing contractor can be a game-changer when it comes to getting questions answered and finding the right services

At DC Generals, we can provide you with the advice you need, as well as any necessary solutions to your roofing issues or even a roof replacement. Get in touch with us or call us at (240) 629-8464.

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