How to Safely Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights

Decorating your house is a sign of a jolly holiday spirit. As Christmas approaches, many Frederick, MD homeowners plan to decorate their homes.

Hanging lights on your home’s exterior is a very time-consuming task, especially during the holidays. Moreover, while everyone is immersed in the holiday spirit, if some negligence occurs, things may get out of hand. In 2013-2017, fire departments in the United States witnessed 160 house fires per year during the Christmas holidays.

Roof Safety First Steps: The Right Equipment

Installing outdoor lights is not an easy task, but with the right equipment, you can be ready for the job. You’ll need:

  • Stepladder
  • An extension ladder
  • Retractable measuring tape
  • Outdoor extension cords
  • Plastic light clips
  • Timer
  • Power stakes
  • An extension pole

Hanging outdoor lights, especially on the roof, can be quite dangerous. The right equipment can help, but one moment of carelessness can affect your life.

Here are some useful tips for installing outdoor lights safely.

Tips for Hanging Christmas Lights

Switch to LED Lights

If you’re looking to purchase new Christmas lights, LED lights with epoxy lenses are a great option. Many Christmas fires occur due to overheated Christmas lights, but LED lights use less electricity and are cool to the touch. Choosing LED lights is a preventive measure and easy on the pocket.

Check your Outdoor Lights

Many people utilize their old Christmas lights for the yearly festivities. It’s a durable option, but it is highly likely for older lights to fuse or start a fire. Inspect the material for any cracked or frayed cords. Any wires visibly peeking through insulation or bulbs without sockets indicate that you need to get some new lights. Even a damaged light bulb or cord can cause electric shocks, which might also be a fire hazard.

Some Christmas lights come with a UL Safety Certification. This means that the lights have been manufactured to meet the industry specifications from Underwriters Laboratories. It verifies that light equipment lines up with the national industry standards. Look for this certification when you buy new lights.

Be Careful with Ladders

Falls are the cause of many holiday injuries. It is crucial to know how to use a ladder carefully while hanging Christmas lights.

While climbing a ladder, keep a spotter with you to provide stability. Don’t extend your body more than the height of the ladder. Otherwise, you might trip and fall. Also, look for wooden or fiberglass ladders. They will protect you from any unexpected electric shocks that can happen during Christmas light installation.

Secure a Proper Outlet

A safe power source is your most crucial preventative measure. Use a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFC) outlet. This particular outlet will close down the circuit if an overcurrent is detected. Ask for help from a trusted electrician to install this outlet, especially during the holiday season.

Tips for Christmas Roof Safety

Decorating a rooftop during Christmas makes for a beautiful sight, and many people go to great lengths for it. Consider these safety measures as you set out to do the job.

Avoid Shingle Damage

While hanging Christmas lights on the roof, be careful not to use any nails, staples, or screws. These fasteners can make small holes in the shingles which will create leaks in the roof.

Don’t Shy Away from Help

If you’re about to install outdoor Christmas lights for the first time on the roof, don’t do it alone! Keep someone with you during the process. Remember to keep a first aid or medical kit close while putting up lights on the rooftop.

To avoid a worst case scenario, call the professionals at DC Generals. We’ve done this before and know all the necessary measures to protect your roof.

At DC Generals, we understand the dilemmas that holiday festivities can bring. We promise that whatever the time of year, our experts will provide their best services in maintaining your home and roof. Check out our website to see if our services can help you now or in the new year.

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