How April Showers Can Threaten Your Roof

Protect Your Roof from April Showers

Storms are fairly common in Maryland, and all that rain pelting your roof throughout the year has the potential to cause major roof damage. There are steps you can take to mitigate the damage, however, and there are a number of warning signs you can keep an eye out for in order to prolong the lifespan of your roof.

Storm Damage

Heavy rains will wear down your shingles and other elements of your roof over time, and windy storms can involve lost shingles and moisture penetration. This water damage can actually penetrate the roof and eventually cause damage to the structural integrity of the home. Sometimes the signs of a damaged roof are obvious, such as water spots on a ceiling, missing roof shingles, or even wet walls and winter ice damming. Things to keep an eye out for include shingle condition- Missing shingles are one thing, but you should pay attention to contaminant buildup on the shingles as well. This can serve as an early warning sign that your roof may need some work. You should keep in mind that the occasional Maryland hail storms can cause dents and dings to appear on your asphalt shingles, as well. One should also keep an eye out for missing flashing along the edges of the roof and along chimneys and vents, and for loose or peeling sealant along the same joints. Obviously, as mentioned before, you should always keep an eye out for water damage along the ceiling or in the attic if you have one.


The smartest thing to do to protect your roof against the elements is to learn the roof’s weak points and monitor them. Checking on your home’s condition after an especially bad windstorm or winter snowstorm is a good way to ensure you’re aware of the damage that’s been done to your home as soon as it happens so you don’t encounter the problems that neglected damage can bring up. It’s also recommended that you have your home overviewed by a professional inspector every year or two in order to assess any existing damage and determine the best course of action to prevent further roof damage. While we don’t tend to have hurricanes in Maryland, when a big storm is approaching, it’s not a bad idea to prepare your home. A gabled roof is the most vulnerable to the damage that heavy rains and wind can cause, but any roof with missing shingles, damaged flashing, or a lack of proper weatherproofing can take a severe beating from an intense storm. Just as with the rest of your home, your car, and your own person, preventative care is the best way to prolong a lifespan.

There are many ways to prevent the worst effects of heavy rainfall on your roof, and many warning signs to keep an eye out for. So long as you have regular maintenance performed by a professional roofing contractor, you’ll find that you’re in a much better position to get the most out of your roof. Contact DC Generals today to schedule an inspection!

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