5 Ways to Get Results from Insurance Companies

How to Get the Most from Insurance Companies

Navigating roofing insurance claims can be a tricky process. Filing an insurance claim requires that you not only have your roof inspected, but that you prove your case as well. Some forms of damage are always covered by homeowner’s insurance, while others may or may not be. We at DC Generals can help you with tips for getting results from your insurance company.

1. Read Your Policy

Read your policy carefully, and if you have any questions be sure to ask your insurance company. Most home insurance policies will cover unexpected damage to a roof, such as from a hailstorm or a limb falling, but roof insurance claims for storm damage may have difficult stipulations. They may, for example, have different payouts based on the age of your roof. Many times a relatively new roof will be covered in full, while an older roof may only receive a payout relative to the depreciated value.

2. File Your Claim On Time

Most states require that a claim for damage be filed within 30-60 days of the occurring incident. If you don’t file on time, your claim may be automatically denied. Also, the earlier you submit the claim, the sooner you’re going to hear back regarding the decision. It’s also important to act fast because of the additional damage that can be caused by a failure to move quickly. Water contact for any length of time can cause structural damage, mold, and rot. Be sure to check with your individual insurance company to find out how long you have after the incident to file the claim.

3. Get a Detailed Report from an Independent Roofing Contractor

You’re going to want to have your roof inspected by an independent party. Insurance companies will often closely scrutinize any request for damage regarding roof repair and replacement. They are going to be very particular in determining whether the damage was truly caused by a roof leak or other damage caused to the roof. The insurance company will usually send out their own adjusters, someone whose job it is to inspect the roof on the behalf of the company. They tend to find results favorable to the insurance companies, which makes having a second report from an independent roofing contractor all the more important. You’re going to want to ask the independent party for a detailed, written evaluation that addresses certain issues, such as determining whether the roof was installed properly, whether the roofing material is faulty, whether the damage is only cosmetic, or whether the roof was properly maintained. Essentially, you need them to prove the damage was indeed caused by the storm or other occurrence.

4. Prepare

Filing a damage claim is a bit of a wake-up call for many homeowners. No one expects to have to find a company to repair their roof, and certainly no one is excited when it happens to them! To help alleviate the stress when a claim is required, the most important thing you can do is to maintain your roof and perform repairs as needed. If you’re able to demonstrate to the insurance company that you’ve kept your roof in good condition before the incident, you’re going to find that they’re much more receptive to your claim.

5. Find a Respected Roofing Contractor

If you haven’t already made a decision, DC Generals is here for you! Now is the time to choose the company you’re going to work with, as they’re going to be your closest ally when it comes to battling the insurance company over roof repair. You’re going to want to make sure they have an exemplary record and experience dealing with insurance claims. A roofer who’s worth their salt will help you with the above steps before even beginning the process of repairing the roof.

After experiencing an event leading to damage to your home, the last thing you want to do is fight with an insurance company over who is responsible for the damages. Following our tips above should help you get your insurance company to pay for your complete or partial Maryland roof replacement.

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