Five Best Ways to Clear Snow from Your Roof

Maryland homeowners understand the hazards that snowfall can bring to their homes. The danger only increases when large amounts of snow stack up to form ice dams. If you want to avoid any severe structural damage to your home, it is essential to begin a snow removal project to securely clear the snow from your roof.

Here are five useful tips for doing so.

1. Identify When Snow Removal is Required

First of all, determine if your rooftop requires snow removal before you carry out the job. Building codes require roofs to be constructed to endure a certain amount of weight from the snow. It isn’t likely that a regular snowfall will cause your roof to crash. However, getting a substantial accumulation of snow on your rooftop is alarming.

Keep in mind that the weight of snow matters more than its depth. Powdery or dry snow weighs far less than wet snow. Watch your local forecast to find out what kind of snow is on the way. These forecasts will also provide a variety of other snowfall prediction details.

2. Use the Correct Snow Removal Tool

You may use a shovel for hefty amounts of thick wet snow accumulated on the roof, but most roofing companies recommend starting out with a roof rake. This tool has a long handle that lets you remove snow from your roof without mounting a ladder. It works particularly well if your home is one-story. If you have a two-story rooftop, you can add an extension pole to the rake to help reach the overhangs.

3. Use the Appropriate Technique

Your rooftop is designed to survive a lot of harsh weather, but it is not entirely invulnerable to damage. If you use the wrong tool (or even the right one inappropriately), it can result in ruined shingles and a dozen other problems.

Make sure that the rake you select has a bumper. It should also have small wheels. Both of these features will keep the rake from grating on the shingles. If you cannot find one, choose a shovel or plastic rake. These will be less likely to cause impairment than a metal option.

Always start working upward from the roof overhangs in the direction of the peak of the roof. Try removing about a foot of snow at a time. If you attempt to remove too much in one hit, you will risk stuffing the snow and making it harder to clean.

4. Leave the Ladder in the Garage

Stay off the roof! Getting on an icy or snow-covered rooftop only invites trouble. Moreover, starting to remove the snow without the proper equipment or security training is never a good idea.

Remove what you can with a roof rake. Focus on the roof’s extensions (also known as eaves). This reduces or eliminates the risk of ice dams forming. If your roof is too high to rake from the ground … well, check out our final tip.

5. Hire a Professional for Clearing Snow Off Roof

Professionals come with the proper tools and safety equipment to remedy a snow-covered roof quickly and safely. The most convenient, active, and secure way to clear snow is to hire a professional to clean it up for you.

Our team of professionals at DC Generals offers snow removal services using high-performance equipment and tools. We can help you remove snow securely, safely, and at a very reasonable price.

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