5 Reasons Landing Santa's Sleigh on the Roof is a Bad Idea

Some of the most magical parts of the Christmas season are Santa, his reindeer, and his sleigh. As kids, we gleefully looked ahead to the hour when Santa would fly from house to house distributing gifts. What could be wrong with putting a replica of Santa’s sleigh on top of your house to signal your Christmas spirit?

A lot, actually. Let’s discuss five significant reasons why landing Santa's Sleigh on your roof is a bad idea.

1. Massive Weight of Christmas Decorations can Damage Your Roof

Depending on the type of roof you have installed, heavy Christmas decorations could put you in danger of damaging its structural integrity. Your roof just might not be able to tolerate the weight of Santa’s sleigh. Don’t risk a roof collapse or the loss of a bunch of shingles!

2. Placing Objects Near the Chimney is a Fire Hazard

There is a popular trend among homeowners in Frederick, MD of installing a model of Santa's legs clambering down the chimney. We agree that it looks fantastic. However, it is enormously unsafe to place objects near your chimney. The chimney is flammable. When a burning spark rises upward, it can result in the ornament catching on fire.

Still want to show Santa entering through the chimney? We recommend you build a fake stack using first-class plastic. Set it up on the opposite side of the roof – and voila!

3. Inflatable Decorations can Rip your Roof Apart

Due to even a little carelessness, inflatable decorations and illuminated plastic figures can ruin your roof. They can be blown away instantly by strong winds and take your shingles with them.

4. Unreliable Security Materials will not Make any Difference

Even if you are using other materials to secure your decorations, you cannot depend on their reliability. They can add up to the potential roof damage that the inflatable materials can cause. Using such ineffective material can cause your roof to leak or develop cracks as well.

5. Lifted or Torn Shingles

Stapling anything to your roof reduces the integrity of the barrier that defends your house from hazardous elements. When this happens, moisture starts penetrating the shingles or the roof insulation and encourages mold growth. It also reduces your home's insulation efficiency.

Precautions to Think About

You can still have decorations on your roof without compromising its safety. Be a little careful and take these precautions:

  • Make a plan to decorate the roof, but make sure to have it inspected first.
  • Consider the possibility of decorating your lawn instead of burdening your roof.
  • Make sure your roof is not stripped or frayed.
  • Use plastic clips instead of staples to attach Christmas lights to your roof.
  • If you want to add an illuminated plastic Santa, use sandbags to protect it.
  • Make sure that you are not pulling up shingles.
  • Avoid putting unnecessary stress on the roof.
  • Always use a high-quality plastic replica.
  • Make sure that the electrical cords you have chosen are in the right condition.
  • Use a sturdy ladder. Its height must be as tall as your roof.
  • Use any footwear or work boots that have slip-resistant soles.

Or, simply hire an expert or professional decorate the roof. Contact our pros at DC Generals to inspect and decorate your roof for Christmas with guaranteed safety.

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