Does My Roof Qualify For a Covered Replacement?

Can You Get Your Roof Replacement Covered?

The process of getting a roof replacement or repairing a damaged existing roof can potentially be a costly and frustrating experience. If your Maryland roof has been damaged by high winds, heavy rains, or hail, the work is unfortunately going to be unavoidable. This of course means you’re going to need to navigate the claims process under your homeowner’s insurance, something that can be especially daunting. Insurance payouts for roof damage are usually dependent on the type of roofing material used, such as tiles, wood, slate, metal, or composition shingles. The payout will also depend on the type and extent of the damage done. We’ll help you work with your insurance company to be sure that you get the payout you deserve.

Review Your Coverage

If you review your policy’s coverage, you can usually better determine what that coverage means exactly with regards to your roof replacement. Most roofs that are newer (under the ten-year mark) are fully covered for repair or replacement on sections of the roof that have experienced damaging winds, hail, or excessive moisture. If your roof falls beyond the ten-year cutoff, the homeowner usually receives a payout based on the depreciated value of the roof. This basically means the insurance company will evaluate the roof based on its age and general wear and tear, and the provider will then place a value on the roof prior to the damage having taken place. Some insurance companies will ONLY offer coverage based on a depreciated value, while others will offer full replacement or repair to the damaged area despite its age. It’s important to check with your specific carrier to double check what your coverage covers exactly.

Inspection and Estimates

Regardless of the incident that caused the damage to the roof, your insurance company is going to want your roof inspected in order to examine and confirm the claim. If the inspector determines that your roof damage was caused by normal aging or wear and tear, or that you allowed your roof’s condition to deteriorate to the point that the damage could take place, you will likely not receive a payout. These findings would be interpreted as normal maintenance, and thus would not be covered under homeowner’s insurance. If you believe your claim will be determined to be valid and the inspection will prove so, it’s very important to arrange to have the inspection performed as soon as the damage is documented, as this can greatly accelerate the payout and can get you on the path to having a repaired or replaced roof as fast as possible. In addition to requiring an inspection, many insurance providers require estimates from local roofing contractors to ensure that the repair or replacement work is performed by a reputable company. It’s important to obtain specific, written estimates, as well as proof that the roofer is properly licensed and insured to perform the work. One bonus of hiring a local contractor to perform the inspection and estimate is that a good roofing contractor will be experienced in giving these sort of estimates, and may be able to assist the homeowner in navigating the maze-like process of completing an insurance claim.

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