Common Roof Damages You Never Notice

Keep an Eye Out for These Common Roof Damages

No matter how well-installed your roof, the poor thing takes quite a beating. Rain, winds, hail, and sun-damage, among other factors, can contribute to an early demise if you don’t keep up with careful, diligent maintenance. When your roof is in poor shape, your entire house can and will suffer. We’ll walk you through some of the most common roof damages that you may not notice.


Let’s start with perhaps the most obvious of the damages that can occur. You will likely notice if you have a leak in a commonly used area of the home, such as a bedroom or kitchen, but you might not find a leak in the attic until it’s too late. A leaking roof can be caused by shingle damage, or by bald spots where the wind or other elements have ripped away a shingle. A good thing to look out for in areas directly under your roof, such as a bedroom or attic, is the obvious: Wet spots. Wet insulation in the attic, damp spots on the ceiling in the attic, or water stains down the sides of your exterior walls all indicate that something isn’t quite right with your roofing system. If left untreated, a minor leak can balloon into a much larger problem. If you suspect you have a leak, DC Generals can absolutely assist you with resolving that issue.We can not only stop the leak, but also repair insulation and damage to your shingles.

Moss and Fungal Growth

Most roofing systems will experience moss growth at some point. This can give your shingles an ugly, greyish-green look, and can prematurely age the look of your entire home. Most of the time, moss growth is relatively harmless beyond cosmetics. You can fairly easily brush away the growth without needing to do any sort of deep-cleaning. You want to be sure to avoid using a hose or pressure-washer to clean the moss off the roof, as you can easily damage your shingles this way, leading to much larger problems. In some cases, however, the moss growth will actually get under and between the shingles, in which case you’re going to want to hire a professional roofing contractor to come and assess the damage. In addition to moss growth, many roofing systems will experience fungal or algae issues. These are usually signified by dark green streaks or spots on an asphalt roof. As with moss, this won’t necessarily damage the roof, but it is unsightly and can do harm to your home’s curb appeal and resale value. To resolve this sort of issue, you’re again going to want to hire a professional, this time for a chemical cleaning. This is a process best left to a contractor, as it can be very dangerous and time-consuming.

Shrinkage and Blistering

Unlike moss or fungal growth, which are natural processes, or a leaky roof, which is generally caused by acute damage, shingle shrinkage and blistering is often the cause of poor installation or simple aging. This type of damage is usually found on synthetic rubber roofs or modified bitumen roofs. The problem with a shrunken shingle is simple: It can no longer effectively protect your roof. Gaps in coverage will develop, which allow moisture to get into your roof. This leads to leaks, rot, and mold growth. The best way to prevent this sort of a problem is to be sure to hire a professional, quality Maryland contractor.

There are many forms that damage to your roofing system can take. Knowing what to look out for and who to contact when you need help are imperative tools to ensuring the longevity of your roofing investment.

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