Why You Should Remove Snow from Your Roof

In the chilly months when snowstorms occur repeatedly and temperatures are below freezing, snow on roof could start building up. This could pose a massive risk to the safety of people in the house and damage the integrity of the roof itself.

Don’t risk a roof leak or a roof collapse. Make sure the snow gets removed. Here’s what you need to know.

How Much Snow Can Your Roof Bear?

The amount of snow a roof can bear depends on the age, quality, and type of the roof. The final breaking point depends on the ratio of water to snow, as well as the roof’s age. Other factors include the type of snow on the roof – powdery, wet, or icy? – and whether your roof has ice dams or not.

If you have a sloped roof, the odds are more in your favor. The snow accumulation on your roof will not be as much as the ground snow load. If you have a flat roof, however, you are in a more dangerous position. Flat roofs come with an increased chance of structural damage in snowy situations. The snow will only keep on piling up and up.

What Happens if You don’t Remove the Snow Regularly?

The downward force that the snow exerts on your roof is called snow loading. It is very hazardous for a roof's integrity and longevity. This effect comes into play even quicker if you have poor ventilation and inadequate insulation.

There are many things that can affect snow loading, including the strength of the wind and your roof's pitch. The construction of the roof affects the snow load, too. For example, metal roofs are better at melting snow than roofs with asphalt shingles.

Clearing Snow off Roofs: How Do You Do It?

Clearing snow off your roof should be part of your winter maintenance plan. To keep your roof free from piles of snow, hire a professional rather than doing it yourself. After all, you will have to get up on a ladder and climb onto the roof to accomplish this job. That’s just inviting an accident to happen!

If you have decided to do it yourself, make sure to pick up some tools and supplies from the hardware store. The most essential item? A roof rake. This tool has a long, extendable handle that allows a reach of up to twenty feet or more. This can save you some climbing.

At DC Generals, we advise that you buy a roof rake and be prepared for any storms or snow before the beginning of the winter season. Alternatively, book a roofing contractor to come do the job as soon as the snow starts piling up. If you wait until later, the accumulation may get too much for your roof to bear.

Contact DC Generals if you have any questions or if you want us to send in a pro. We know all about clearing snow off roofs. We bring all the essentials, including safety yokes, stabilizing ladders, and other required tools to get the job done safely.

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