Professional vs DIY Roof Inspection

Should You or a Professional Inspect Your Roof?

The condition of your Maryland roof is important for two reasons: Curb appeal and shelter. You’re going to want to keep your roof up to spec, and the best way to do this is to have regular inspections performed on the roof. But, you may ask: Can I do this myself, or do I need to hire a professional? The answer is not so simple, as both options have their pros and cons.

Why Have Your Roof Inspected?

A roof inspection can help you determine your roof’s integrity, lifespan, and whether or not you need repairs or even a full roof replacement. A professional inspector will have special procedures that will allow them to best determine the condition of the roof without ripping it apart. A roof inspection can protect you from having to deal with larger problems down the line. For example, if a small leak is noticed, it can be repaired before too much moisture gets in and damages the structure of the home. If roof inspections aren’t performed regularly, severe issues can develop, leading to property damage. Your roof should be inspected periodically, and especially so after a major weather event.

DIY Method

A periodic inspection of your home’s roof can allow you to become familiar enough to notice any problems that might arise. For example, from the ground you should be able to see any patches of moss, algae, or lichen that might have developed. If these are present, you’re going to want to remove them immediately, as they can trap moisture and lead to mold or roof decay. From the ground you’ll also be able to easily spot any piles of leaves and sticks or other debris that can, again, trap moisture. You should also keep an eye out for broken, curling, or even missing shingles. If your shingles are damaged, moisture can seep into the roof and cause serious damage. The same can happen if you notice cracked spots on the metal pieces around chimneys and vent pipes, known as flashings. Once you’ve completed a DIY inspection of your roof from the ground level, the next step is to go into your attic or crawlspace and look for signs of moisture. This can help you spot leakage that may not have been visible from the ground. For a more thorough inspection you could use a ladder, but with a two-story house this can be quite dangerous, so it’s recommended that you hire a professional roofing contractor for this sort of work.

Professional Roof Inspection

A self-inspection can reveal easily solved problems such as debris buildup, clogged gutters, or loose shingles that can be nailed back down. These issues can be resolved by the homeowner, but if you notice more serious damage like numerous missing shingles, cracked flashing, or moisture on the inside of the roof, you’re likely going to want to call a professional roofing company. An experienced roofing professional will be able to spot problems that you may not recognize, and can give an accurate assessment of the condition of your roof. They’ll even inspect the inside of the attic or crawlspace for you, looking for proper insulation, ventilation, and watching out for any moisture or mold development. On the outside, they’ll be able to thoroughly inspect your chimney, the flashing, and the condition of your shingles. A professional contractor will be able to identify any leaks, ice dams, or other damage that has occurred or is likely to occur. They will put down the status of your roof in writing, giving you an easy assessment to refer back to as necessary. This assessment will include a recommended plan of action to address any pressing issues, as well as an itemized list of repairs necessary.

If you’re unsure of what you’re looking for or if you simply don’t feel like crawling around on a second-story roof, give a professional like DC Generals a call today!

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