How Ice Storms Can Damage Your Roof

Maryland has unpredictable weather, with snowfall mostly observed during the winter season. Homeowners in Maryland get curious as the National Weather Service predicts a heavy snowfall in addition to a freezing rainfall after Christmas. The wintry mix often leaves the roads icy and makes it dangerous for driving around the area in the snowfall. So far 2020 has been filled with 2-3 inches of snow, which has a potential to damage your roofing systems. Both ice storms and hail storms can be hazardous for your roofing systems. Some roofing damage is obvious, however, much of it is less noticeable from the ground and it takes a toll on your roof after a few years. Therefore, it is always a wise strategy to have a complete visual inspection of your roofing system to prevent roof damage.

Severe ice storms and winds can damage your roofing systems significantly. If you are not trained enough to identify where your roof’s integrity has been compromised, then let us reveal the ways storms can damage your roof.

Damage from Hail Storm

Hailstones are cute but not so sweet when they are pounding down on your roof. When hailstones bigger than five inches land on your roof, they put dents in the roof and destroy its metal finishing. Though they are not easily observable immediately, this damage can compromise the roofing membrane. As a result, the water from the roof may seep into your living room and make it wet. Moreover, your roof remains less protected from the ultra violet rays of the sun and leaves the shingles at the mercy of storms in the future.

Damage from Ice Storm Winds

Severe ice storm winds can also cause significant damage to shingles if left unprotected. Water from frequent wind storms can damage the underlayment and cause decomposition of the roof. Ultimately, water will find a way into your home and leak freely, causing more severe damage. Strong winds have the capability to lift the sealing strip attached to shingles; when the condition of this strip is bad, ice or rain water can get underneath the shingles. Such a situation requires fixing immediately because ignoring it can further cause mold, increasing roof damage, or ruin the drywall.

Damage from Snow or Ice

Maryland can have mild to severe snow storms during winters. The sheer weight of snow or ice on your rooftop can be extremely negative for your roof’s health. Snow often does not melt for weeks and can be stressful for your roof. When temperatures drop below freezing the water from melting snow can also freeze, which builds up ice on your roof. This can result in a roof collapse due to overloading of ice on the top. Homeowners need an immediate treatment to promptly remove the snow or ice from the roofing systems to avoid further damage.

In addition to roofing systems’ collapse, tree limbs can break and fall on your roof in the winter. They can also create holes in your roof and water can find a way easily into your bedrooms or dining rooms. The fallen tree can cause ice or snow to fall into your house. Unfortunately, not many homeowners in Maryland take the appropriate precautions to protect their roofs from severe ice damage. Therefore, calling a professional roofing company in Maryland can help to identify ice storm damage and minimize it.

Roof Damage can go Beyond Shingles: What to do next?

Your roof may be made up of soft metals that are dented or broken due to ice storms. It is therefore vital for you to understand whether your home insurance policy adequately covers ice storm damage to your shingles. The first important step to take is to contact your roofing service, which precedes calling the insurance company. Make a list of details of everything that has been damaged and determine the cost of repair. This is the time when your roofing service can save you from immense pain and reduce your repairing cost.

Winter storm damage is not always covered by insurance companies. Some insurance providers will come up with reasons to not cover your roof repairs caused by the snow storms or accidental damages. In this situation, the most appropriate way to solve the problem is to rely on public adjusters, the insurance professionals who are more experienced and help you cover the cost of repairs. The good news for Maryland citizens is that you can hire a professional roofing company like DC-Generals and minimize the budget on roof repairs. We are experts in providing cost-effective roofing solutions to thousands of clients, ensuring your safety and aesthetics. Available on one phone call, DC-Generals maintains a stellar reputation in Maryland for helping people with their complex roofing issues.

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