Busting Five of the Most Common Metal Roofing Myths

While many people believe the various myths surrounding metal roofs, they’re mostly untrue. That being said, we find that metal roofing installation is neglected due to those myths. Because of these misconceptions, people miss out on the genuineness and convenience of metal roofing. The birth of these myths may be because of the constant transformations and upgrades this material has undergone over many years.

So, let’s clear our heads about the top five common fallacies of metal roofing.

  1. Metal roofs catch rust

This myth restrains homeowners from moving ahead with a metal roof installation. However, this is no problem at all. Current metal roofs can resist moisture just as well as ordinary tile roofs.

Now, manufacturers design metal roofs in such a way that they last a lifetime. Normally metal does rust, like steel and aluminum compositions. But with the right kind of roof installation, the roof becomes capable of fighting oxidation, which is the initial cause of rust formation.

  1. Metal roofs make noise during rain

This is another misconception fixated in the minds of people. We can agree that the noise of raindrops hitting your roof can be disturbing to hear. But this noise was a problem with metal roofs around 50 years ago. The good news is that, now, metal roofs have a solid casing underneath called a roof deck or an underlayment. This layer of insulation makes sure there is no excess noise heard other than what you would hear with a regular roof. To reduce the noise even more, you can add extra padding between your metal and the roof deck to minimize the sound.

  1. Metals roofs are way out of budget

It is true that metal roofing costs a bit more than regular asphalt roofing tiles. However, this is only because the upfront fees for roof replacement are slightly higher. Therefore, this gives people the wrong idea that the overall process and installation of metal roofing is expensive.

Now, when you sit back and think of it, in the long term, you will discover something else. The fact is that once metal roofs, such as those composed of Boral Steel roofing shingles, are installed, they last up to forty years. Ordinary asphalt roofs, on the other hand, last for a maximum of twenty years.

Thus, a smart choice helps you save more in the long run. The metal roofing estimate for one-time installation is considerably less than what you will need to install asphalt roofing tiles, twice in the span of forty years. Secondly, the cost of maintenance of regular asphalt tiles is more than that for metal roofing.

  1. They are more likely to be hit by lightning

The chances of this myth being true are close to zero. As we all know, metal is a good conductor of electricity. Even so, many homeowners don’t take time to understand that property. They assume that this is a reason why metal roofs get struck by lightning more often.

Truthfully speaking, the chances of a metal roof getting struck by lightning are equal to any other type of roof getting struck. Metal does not attract lightning in any way.

Plus, there are two more positives of having a metal roof, in case there is ever a lightning strike. Firstly, as metal is a conductor, the effect of lightning will spread out rather than concentrate in a certain area. Secondly, the chances of the strike of lightning causing a fire will be low as metal is non-combustible.

  1. Metal roofs can be dented easily by hail

Metal roofs are now more durable, making them great for use in countries with extreme climates. Metal roofing is known to last longer than asphalt rooftops, as they are sturdier and stronger.

People living in countries with extreme climates think of metal roofing as a better choice. Even extremely large-sized hail seldom causes a little dent. Whereas with regular rooftops, we can see the effect that even small-sized hail will leave behind. The appearance of those roofs can be easily damaged. In short, regular-sized hail won’t affect metal roofing in any obvious way.

Now, as you discover these myths regarding metal roofing are untrue, you should also know about the many benefits associated with the installation of metal roofs. They include long-life expectancy, fire and weather resistance, and sustainability. A metal roof makes any building or home more enhanced in its performance and functioning ability. The maintenance they require is pretty low too. So, all these benefits will help increase your home’s comfort and value. Contact us today to get a high-quality roof for your home in Frederick, MD!

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