Avoiding Common Siding Problems

Fixing siding may not present itself as an exciting home renovation project. However, siding protects everything within your home. Regular maintenance is essential for extending the life of this important feature. Let’s look at a few factors that can limit the longevity of your siding in Frederick, MD.


Wood siding can be particularly vulnerable to pests – woodpeckers searching for a meal, or bugs and carpenter bees looking for refuge and sustenance. Other wood-burrowing insects like termites and powder post beetles tunnel through the wood siding.

It’s important to consider the pros and cons of vinyl siding over wood, but even vinyl siding that is supported by underlying wood structures can be vulnerable to such damage. The outcome in these cases will be similar, i.e., severe limitation of the protection your siding will offer.

Insecticides may prevent pests. You can also use eco-friendly products on any trees around your home to eradicate the pests without harming trees.

Improper Installation

One sure sign of shoddy work on your siding is unpleasant noise during weather events, such as windstorms. This is normally caused when a contractor leaves too much room between the siding and the house when sealing. You might also hear a popping noise in the heat of summer. That’s the siding expanding and contracting because the contractor drove in the nails too tightly, leaving the siding with no room to breathe.

Other siding problems can arise if you try to do siding replacement or installation yourself. Never entrust a non-professional to replace your siding, either. Doing so may bring many future problems – and the correction of those mistakes will cost you most of the savings from a DIY project!

Several advantages are attached to hiring professionals like DC Generals for a siding installation project. Expert teams bring the knowledge from their training. They bring state of the art equipment and have the advantage of product know-how.

It’s also important to have proper insurance during siding installation or repair to protect you from liability in case of an injury or property damage. Moreover, reputable companies offer warranty coverage to take care of any errors originating from factory defects.

Direct Sunlight

Faded siding is usually due to sunlight exposure. You can recognize this as the problem if the fading is uneven. Since not all the areas of your home will be exposed to the sun, some will outlive others.

Half-faded siding is not a good look for a house and will have an effect on the cosmetic value of your home. Moreover, it can also impact the building’s financial value and curb appeal.


You already know that persisting moisture can cause mildew and algae infestations. Siding will be affected in the same way. Parts of the house that don’t get much sunlight will deteriorate faster in that case. Furthermore, both the interior and exterior of your house become more vulnerable to rot due to moisture. This can happen if the waterproof barrier over the exterior isn’t trapping dampness properly. Regular maintenance and expert installation are solutions to this issue.

Inclement Weather

Harsh weather or strong impact due to hailstorms or fallen branches can crack your siding. Allowing them to remain would mean providing moisture with a way into the home’s frame and walls, leading to worse problems. Whether your siding is vinyl or wood, we’d recommend getting it repaired even if you see a single crack on the siding.

Material Choice

Finally, don’t go for siding material with high life-cycle costs. Most of the time, it is not a good investment. If you add the long-term outlays, you will likely find that they exceed your supposed initial savings.

We suggest fiber cement and vinyl siding products because of their minimal maintenance requirements. These are rightly popular because they are available in the pre-finished form. They are also UV-resistant and require little to no repainting, leaving you with fewer upkeep duties to worry about.

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