7 Signs that Your Roof is About to Collapse

You’re in big trouble if the roof of your home collapses. An essential part of home maintenance is roof repair and knowing the prominent signs that indicate an inevitable roof collapse. There is no denying that your roof demands timely mending not only to maintain its aesthetic look but also to prevent all the future troubles you could potentially go through. Once a roof collapses, repairing the roof is just the beginning of the expenses you’ll face.

A roof is usually repaired once a year or as required, but winter storm damage can exacerbate issues. Winter storms can be pretty harsh on your roof. So, you’ll have to keep a vigilant eye to ensure that your roof is sturdy enough to get you through the winter storm season.

Here are some signs that you can look out for to determine if your roof is due for any repairs:

1. Doors or Windows Prove Difficult to Open and Close

This kind of sign is usually overlooked because it’s common during season change; it may not seem too much of a trouble. However, it’s an indication that there has been some structural shifting and you may require roof repair.

2. Misaligned Sprinkler Heads

Buildings and infrastructures don’t have sprinklers for show, given that most of us have never seen them in action. Moreover, sprinklers showing misalignment or pushing out from their housing is a clear indication that the ceiling has moved, which it’s not supposed to do. This is not only dangerous concerning your roof-- the sprinklers may also become unresponsive due to the pressure on them, which can prove highly inconvenient during a fire.

3. Creaking and Squeaking

It is very common to hear creaking and slight popping sounds in your house, and aging is often blamed. But it’s absolutely not normal if you hear them continuously as the rain pelts on your roof during a winter storm. It is yet another sign of potential roof collapse. This would be the ideal time to get a roof inspection, especially before more winter storm damage can happen.

4. Buckling Support Structures

Usually, you’ll observe this particular sign after a heavy winter storm when there is considerable snow accumulation on the roof. The snow could cause pressure to build up and damage the support structures, which then show deformation and buckling. You may also see cracked or split wood components or missing framing screws.

5. Cracks in Roof and Walls

Are you sure you’re going to blame aging for this one too? This is an extremely evident sign that your roof is in serious need of repair. Roof collapse is not a case of if, but when. It’s just like the cracks you might have observed while building a sandcastle that’s about to collapse. If you’re going into winter with these signs, matters may escalate when those winter storms arrive.

6. Sagging

Like every other thing that is nearing its end, your roof also shows signs before it is bound to collapse. The roof doesn’t usually collapse all of a sudden. You will most probably notice sagging amongst all the other numerous signs. It may be due to snow buildup. It is also when you should know you need to check up on your roof for any other signs of snow storm damage.

7. Leaks

If it’s raining outside, you’re probably not going to feel it in the comforts of your home. If you do, though, then your roof is probably leaking. Now is not the time for a roof inspection. Instead, it is time you get a proper roof installation as soon as possible before you experience a very probable roof collapse. Putting tubs and buckets under dripping roofs is definitely not a long-term solution.

Creaking, deformed supports, and misaligned sprinklers are just the initial indications that your roof may cause problems later. Getting a roof inspection is the most sensible thing to do when the experts show up. However, sagging, leaks, and cracks are more severe evidence of a damaged roof and may most likely result in a roof collapse in the near future. A roof doesn’t usually collapse without these signs. Basically, anything out of place should be a matter of concern for homeowners. Always err on the safer side and get your walls and ceilings checked.

Negligence plays a significant role in a roof collapse, although there may be exceptions.

Don’t hold out on roof inspection just to save money because eventually, you’re going to have to spend a much greater amount once the damage occurs.

Contact us if you notice any of the above signs and save yourself from unnecessary hassle and financial burden in the long run. Our trained staff in Frederick, MD, will give your roof a holistic inspection and get you sorted for all your roof repair needs.

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