5 Metal Roof Benefits

Whether you'll be buying a home with a metal roof or putting one in yourself, it is good to know how it will serve you. Since there are a variety of materials that roofing comes in, you must not only think about how stylish they look. Metal roofing is an attractive option for many reasons. For instance, you can choose from zinc, tin, copper, aluminum, and galvanized steel. But that’s not all; you stand to gain a lot more with metallic roofing.

Below, we cover some other benefits that are associated with metal roofs:

Superior Fire & Impact Resistance

When metal roof installation is done well, you enjoy a protective layer of noncombustible material. Most metals used for this purpose come with a Class A fire rating, the most fire-resistant classification you can get. However, being aware that the fire resistance of a roof also depends on the materials beneath its surface is also important. If you choose the type that could ignite due to intense heat, you lose the advantage that your roofing brings.

Besides protecting you from fire, metal roofs can also take a hit. Another bonus is that metal roofs can withstand the largest hailstones without becoming damaged enough to lose their integrity. Additionally, they can bear a wind speed of up to 110 miles per hour. That’s a property that makes them ideal for homes and other buildings in Frederick, MD. They can match even the strictest US building codes. You might find a roof that will withstand 130 miles per hour wind speed, as well.

High Degree of Sustainability

Depending on your vendor, you can buy metal roofs that are made of 25-35% recyclable materials. Not only do you reduce your carbon footprint with this step, when you finally get a new roof, the old one will be 100% recyclable!

With expert metal roof installation on your side, you can enjoy high energy efficiency and save on HVAC costs and other energy savings. But more on that below.

What’s more, metal panels can also be used as hosts for other energy efficient or producing materials. For instance, you can place your solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on the panels. PV systems may be installed on your metal roof in a penetration-free manner.

Excellent Heat Conduction

A metallic roof will reflect radiant heat from the sun. That means it doesn’t heat up your home in the summers. This characteristic means your air conditioning requires less energy during the day. This is an advantage for you if you live in a hot environment. Your roof will help keep your home significantly cooler than the surroundings.

Moreover, metal cools much faster than asphalt does. Thus, any heat that it absorbs gets released quickly during the night.

On the other hand, metal also has high thermal emissivity. That means that it absorbs heat as readily. In the winters, the heat your metal roof absorbs can keep you warm. Moreover, metal also acts like a good insulator, not allowing heat from the inside to escape outside. Consider all these factors when you think about roof replacement, and you might want to choose a new metal roof!

Extreme Nature Proofing

Many materials used in roofing, such as asphalt, cedar shingles, and shakes, lose their shape or functionality when laden with moss, mildew, and fungal growth. The vegetation forms a plaque-like layer on the roofs. However, that isn’t the case with metal roofing, which remains unaffected. This is another benefit of metal roofs, i.e., the nature proofing you get!

If you’re unaware of what growth of moss and fungus can do to your roof, here are some reasons you should get rid of them. Firstly, they look extremely undesirable. Secondly, they also shorten the lifespan of a roof, dramatically. In the case of asphalt, that shortening can be mean cutting it right into half! Thus, if you live somewhere where high humidity encourages the growth of moss and fungi, you may want to think about getting a metal roof.

Obviously, there are some disadvantages to metal roofing too. However, we’d recommend that you consider the advantages carefully. In most cases, they outweigh the shortcomings. Moreover, we’re certain that professional installation will correct most of those. Should you need a metal roofing estimate or just want to take some time and consult with a professional roofing contractor, we’d be happy to oblige you. Remember, determining the type of material is the first step in protecting the integrity of the roof and investment!

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